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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ranveer comes to his room. Suman asks where did you go? Ranveer says Ravi’s call came so I thought to give you privacy. Suman says she don’t need privacy and asks him not to do this again. Ranveer says Veer slept, asks her to sleep and says he will sleep on floor. Suman holds his hand and says I think you shall sleep here, I will sleep on floor. Ranveer says Veer is a kid, if he wake up at night then will be scared if he couldn’t find you. Suman asks what you will answer to family if I go from here. Ranveer says I didn’t think about it till now. Do palon Ka song plays. He remembers the moments between them. She sleeps on bed and sees him on floor. She thinks to make everything fine and thinks time is less.

Kalavati is doing yoga on yoga mat. Shakti lie down beside her. Kalavati opens her eyes and shouts. She slaps him and asks him to fold the mat. Shakti says some govt paper came so he brought. He gives her envelope. Kalavati reads it and gets shocked. Suman comes there with Antara to give tea to her. Kalavati gives letter to Suman. Suman reads it and says Ravi’s death certificate, even govt thinks he is dead. Kalavati says she was hopeful that he will come one day as his dead body wasn’t found, but today her hopes also died. She says she is not bothered about her life now. Suman thinks she can’t see Maasa in pain and tells her that Ravi is dead. Kalavati asks what? Suman says yes….and then recalls the promise made to him and says I want to say that he is with us. Kalavati says yes.

Suman asks Antara to give medicines to Dadi and Kalavati. Antara says why you are telling me. Sanjana asks why did you call me. Suman asks her to make breakfast, lunch etc. Sanjana says you are here naa. Suman says you both shall know and handle to make food. Sindhoora comes and asks Suman to make green tea. Suman gives Sindhoora’s responsibility to her. Sanjana says if I prove that I am responsible bahu then Nupur can handed over keys to her.

Sindhoora thinks if Suman wants to manipulate Ranveer and separate from them. Suman teaches them kitchen work. Ravi calls Suman. Suman says she is in kitchen. Ravi asks if she is happy that she will be with him tomorrow. Suman says she is busy right now. He says he wants to meet her. Sanjana gives green tea to Sindhoora. Sindhoora says it is so bitter and asks her to ask Suman to make green tea for her. Dadi have paratha made by Antara and dislikes it and says it is too spicy. Suman teaches Sanjana to make food. Ranveer comes to kitchen and sees Ravi’s call on her mobile. He goes. Antara asks her to pick the call. Ravi asks her what she is doing? Suman says she is making food and will call later. Ravi insists to see her. She says it is difficult to talk now. Sindhoora comes and asks with whom you are talking to, and takes call, says hello. She asks with whom you were talking. Ranveer comes and asks if she talked tuitor. Suman says yes. Sindhoora thinks something is going on for sure.

Dadi tells everyone that Ganesh Chaturthi is coming and gives responsibility to her. Suman thinks don’t know where she will be tomorrow. Dadi says since you started massaging me, I felt life in my lifeless legs. Badi Maa tells that Suman brought happiness in house. She says she gave her name somewhere. Suman asks her to let Sanjana go. Sanjana agrees, but then asks Antara to go. Antara refuses.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman is on road and tries to fix her chappal, when Sindhoora tries to hit her with car. Kalavati is shocked and keeps hand on her face.

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