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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sanju shows Daadi’s gifted bangle to Kalavathi and says she needs another similar one for her marriage. Kalavathi praises that they won gold bangle in cooking competition, soon they have to learn cooking. Suman says yes. Antara says Suman won this bangle actually and tells Ranveer saw her helping them, so he insisted daadi to give gift to Suman instead. Kalavathi praises Suman and asks to wear this bangle. Suman says Antara and Sanju are Mittal family bahus and deserve this bangale. Kalavathi warns Suman not to get this bangle out and asks her to teach cooking to Sanju and Antara. Sanju says she does not want to tan her skin with cooking. Kalavathi warns that she will slap her. Suman asks Sanju to grow up now as she is marrying.

Nupur prays god that he always helps Sindhoora and not his real disciple, he should help even her. Niharika comes and greets her. Ranveer comes and she tries to hug him. He stops her and asks what is she doing here. She says they are marrying, at least now he should hug her. She wants to know which sherwani he selected for their marriage. Servant Chaman asks what she wants to have. She says strawberry milkshake. Ranveer says he does not want anything. Sindhoora comes down and hugs Niharika praising her dress. Niharika says she ordered 10 lakhs lehanga and will order Ranveer’s sherwani. Sindhoora says it is a good idea. Ranveer says he and his brothers have decided to shop together. Nupur fumes that Sindhoora forces poor bahus on her and is enjoying with rich bahu.

Suman teaches Sanju and Antara cooking on mud stove. Sanju’s drama starts. Kalavathi comes out and says she is taking halwa for Sindhoora. She gets jewelers call and asks Suman to take halwa for Sindhoora, she will go to jeweler shop. Veer gets excited that he will meet Krish uncle.

Chaman brings milkshake. Niharika turns and Chaman drops milkshake on her. Niharika shouts. Sindhoora scolds Chaman and asks to apologize. Niharika shouts that her dress is more expensive than Chaman’s whole year’s salary. Ranveer warns her that Chaman is like their family member and nobody misbehaves with him. Sindhoora says he cannot scold Niharika for a servant. Nupur says Ranveer is right, they consider Chaman as their family member. Sindhoora asks to ask chaman how to clean stain. Suman enters and asks to rub stain with lemon. Sindhoora asks why did she come. Suman says maasa sent halwa for sindhoora. Daadi comes and says she will eat halwa as Sindhoora will not have it. Sindhoora says yes, she is on diet and takes Niharika to change her dress.

Ranveer thinks Suman is so down to earth and Niharika is so arrogant. He sees Veer staring at him and asks what happened. Veer says he is so handsome like his dad, he misses his papa, even he would have got him ice cream and play cricket like him, etc…Ranveer gets emotional hearing that.

Suman serves halwa to daadi and badi maa and they praises her a lot. Daadi says eating her food she realized she is Annapurna. Suman says she will leave now as she has to take care of marriage arrangements. She goes to Ranveer’s room to pick Veer and hears Veer telling that he misses his papa a lot and all his classmate taunt him. Ranveer says he can call him whenever he misses his papa, they will go for an ice cream and play cricket. Veer asks why don’t he become his papa. Suman fumes hearing that and shouts. Ranveer says calm down, Veer is a kid. Suman says Veer is Ravikumar and Suman Parmar’s son and nobody else’s.

Precap: Veer tells Suman that he really misses his papa. Ranveer tells Sahil and Manan that he does not want to marry Niharika. They asks then whom. He says Suman. Nupur hears their conversation.

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