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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhai Saheb asks Brijesh if he has invited everyone. Brijesh says they need to invite some. Bhai Saheb asks him to go with Akash and invite the guests. Ranveer comes home. Everyone get happy. Sindhoora asks him about his wound. Ranveer tells him everything, and tells that he has saved Suman and she tied cloth on his hand. Sindhoora says she will call Doctor. Ranveer says everything is fine. Manan says he will call doctor. Sindhoora asks why did goons follow her. They ask about the goons. Bhai Saheb says we don’t want any hurdles in marriage and tells that they shall file police complaint. Sindhoora says if we file police complaint then Police will come and guests will know about it. Sindhoora is relieved. She asks about Suman. Ranveer says she is fine, but her leg is hurt. Sindhoora acts to be concerned for her.

Ranveer is happy and thinks Sindhoora have accepted her. Ranveer is in his room. Nupur comes and says she brought turmeric milk for him. Ranveer asks him to tell Manan to give him medicine and says he is having body pain. He asks her not to tell Sindhoora else she will get worried. Nupur says she will not. Ranveer asks her to promise that he will not tell anyone. Nupur tells that the goons were sent by Sindhoora as she couldn’t accept Suman. Ranveer asks how can you say this? He asks her to come and says we shall clear the matter. Nupur asks him not to break the promise and asks him to know Sindhoora’s feelings for Suman.

Ranveer says I think you are having a misunderstanding and says mom knows that I love Suman a lot. Nupur says it is her duty to alert him and says she wants betterment of all the three kids. Ranveer says I shall take care of Suman’s security. He asks her not to tell this thing to anyone at home. Nupur agrees. Ranveer thinks mom can’t do this.

Antara calls Ranveer and asks him to come home. He asks what happened? Antara says nothing is fine and asks him to come. Suman asks Kalavati to open the door and cries. Ranveer comes and holds Suman’s hand. He asks what is happening here? Antara says I will tell and tells that Kalavati is angry with Suman. Ranveer asks why? Sanjana shows the pics. Ranveer is shocked. Sanjana tells everything. Ranveer says since I left you here, you are crying. He makes her drink water and tells her that he will make everything fine.

He knocks on the door and tells Kalavati that even his mum would have reacted seeing the pics, and asks her to open the door once else he will not show his face to her again. Kalavati opens the door. Sanjana is upset. Ranveer says I can’t believe that you trust on these pics and not on Suman. He tells her everything. Kalavati says Suman told all this and says she don’t believe. Ranveer says you know her. Kalavati says if anyone sees this photo then they will badmouth about her. Ranveer says if I have to do all this then why I would have sent alliance. He asks if she don’t trust Suman or Sindhoora’s son. He swears that Suman is pure.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : He tells that he is taking photos to know who is behind this. Suman is doubtful about her decision. Ranveer accuses Sindhoora for trying to kill Suman. Sanjana thanks someone for sending the pics. Suman hears her.

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