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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Fb continues. Kalavati accuses Suman for having relation with Ranveer. Suman asks don’t you trust me and asks her to support her decision like she supported and accepted her decision. Kalavati says so you will argue with me. Suman says I am just asking my rights and walks inside. Fb ends.

Ranveer tells her that if she don’t want to tell him then it is ok. Suman says she has taken decision because of him and praises his qualities and thanks him for coming in her and Veer’s life. Ranveer thanks her and promises never to leave him. Suman and Ranveer have an eye lock. A song plays. Dance teacher is teaching dance to Antara and Manan. He asks Suman and Ranveer to come, and says guy have to lead and girl have to follow him and says dance should be romantic. Suman and Ranveer start dancing.

Janam Janam song plays. Dance teacher asks them to dance and shows the steps.

Sindhoora thinks her son is upset with her due to a poor girl and thanks god as she thinks Suman refused for wedding. Kalavati comes and says congratulations Sindho. Sindhoora asks her to stop her drama after slapping her, and calls her selfish. She says I got your illiterate daughter to marry in this house. Kalavati says what I should have done. Sindhoora says it is good that Suman refused for wedding. Kalavati tells that Suman is dancing with Ranveer now and says she told me that she will take her decision and will marry him. She tells that she tried to stop her and did her last rites, but Ranveer came and told her something and she agreed. Sindhoora says you would have stopped her and brought her here, and says it might your planning with your bahu.

Kalavati asks her not to blame her. Sindhoora says I have done so much for you and had gone against my family to get your daughters marry in this house. Dance teachers teach dance to Sanjana and Sahil. He drops her on floor. Sanjana is annoyed. Dancer teacher asks them to practice. He asks Ranveer and Suman to hold each other hand and practice. Ranveer and Suman dance on the song Janam Janam. Ranveer asks Suman about her injured foot. Suman says she is fine. Ranveer acts as if his foot is paining and says he can’t dance. Nupur comes and asks them to come for mehendi. Ranveer says lets go. Suman says so you lied. Ranveer says it is for betterment.

Kalavati says you have made my daughter engaged in this house to take revenge from Nupur. She says I have understood when you came to my house with the alliance. She tells my bahu haven’t trap Ranveer, but he is mad after her. He became majnu/lover and says I was caught in dharm sankat and kept stone on my heart to say yes. She says she said yes in helplessness so that her daughters shall marry smoothly. Sindhoora calls her worst than a dog. Kalavati regrets to have friendship with her and says your son is doing mistake and you are accusing me. Sindhoora says if I want, then I can kick you and your daughters from here. Kalavati says if you do this, then I will expose your truth infront of Nupur. She shall know that a naagin is inbetween them. Sindhoora raises hand to slap her. Kalavati holds her hand.

Sindhoora asks her to get out. Kalavati warns her and says I will make you out from this family. She says you were my best friend, and now my friendship is over, this enmity will be costly for you and goes. Sindhoora thinks you don’t know with whom you have taken enmity and promises to break Suman, Sanjana and Antara’s marriages. Badi Bhabhi hears her and thinks Sindhoora fixed Sahil and Manan’s marriage with betrayal.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman shouts and says that she is locked and asks someone to open the door. She shouts Ranveer. Ranveer looks for Suman.


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