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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kalavati sees Sindhoora about to hit Suman. She keeps hand on her face. Ranveer saves Suman at last min. Sindhoora turns her car seeing Ranveer coming infront of her to save Suman. Kalavati and Shakti go. Ranveer and Suman have an eye lock. Ravi comes and sees Suman on Ranveer. Ranveer scolds Suman for repairing her sandal in middle of road. Ravi thanks Ranveer for saving Suman and says what I could have done without you. He calls his man and asks him to drop them home. He thinks how these 7 days will be gone.

Ranveer and Suman comes back home. Driver drops them and leaves. Suman asks Ranveer why did you tell Ravi that he is very lucky. Ranveer sadly says that he said as he have her with him. Ranjhana plays…..

He says I have realized for the first time, that you both love each a lot and I came in between you both. He says now I am sure that Ravi will keep you happy, he loves you so much, more than me. Chandariya song plays….

Sindhoora comes home and thinks Suman is saved once again. She gets a message on her phone and is shocked to see the video in which she tried to kill Suman. She gets a call and the man asks her to stay away from Suman else he will not spare her. She thinks who might be this person. Kalavati comes and asks her to stop. Sindhoora asks her to get silencer tied to her neck. Kalavati says I have seen with my own eyes, you was about to crush Suman with your car. Sindhoora says she is lying. Antara says you are lying. Sindhoora asks did you forget what you did during Suman and Ranveer’s marriage. Antara says if you try to harm Suman then I will show your true face to everyone. Sindhoora asks her to be in limits and says she will give house control in Sanjana’s hand and will make her naukrani.

Suman and Ranveer comes inside house. Antara hugs Suman and asks if she is fine. Kalavati asks them to go and sleep. Suman thinks about Ranveer getting drunk seeing her with Ravi and then saving her. She thinks she will go far from him in 7 days. Antara comes and asks what happened? Suman says she forgot why she boiled the water. Antara asks her not to get tensed and says everything will be fine. Suman says everything is fine. Sanjana comes to kitchen and asks why you are waking me up since 2 days. Suman says you both shall do your responsibilities and says if Ravi would have been alive then she wouldn’t have been here. She asks her to make green tea for Sindhoora.

Sindhoora thinks who sent her video and calls on the number. Sanjana comes and gives her green tea. Sindhoora asks if Suman took sanyas from house work. Sanjana says she asked them to become responsible. Sindhoora asks her to keep eye on Suman. Kalavati scolds Sanjana and asks her to obey Nupur and not Sindhoora. Sanjana thinks Nupur likes Suman and thinks to obey Sindhoora. Sindhoora comes to Dadi and says she needs to talk to her. Nupur comes to kitchen and tells Suman that Dadi wants to have malai kofta. Suman says she will make. Nupur tells her that Ranveer called her. Suman says ok and goes. Sanjana says she needs break. Suman comes to room and calls Ranveer. Ravi comes inside door and locks the door.

Precap – 

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindhoora tells Dadi that she is elder than Nupur and wants house keys. Dadi is shocked. Suman asks Ravi to go and says if anybody sees him. Ravi asks her if she did something with Ranveer and asks if she is still of him. Someone knocks on the door. Suman gets shocked.

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