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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Professor scolds Suman and Ranveer that he warned if they don’t work as team, they will get zero marks, so they will get zero marks. Suman pleads not to give 0. Professor says this is coutry’s best management college and rules cannot be broken here, they can get back to their seats Suman walks to her seat sadly.

Sanju shows short dress to Antara and asks how is it. Antara says topic is good, where is bottom. Sanju says it is fashion which Katrina and Deepika wear and she will lure Sahil with it. Antara asks what she needs. Sanju says there are a lot of boys behind her, but they are all poor. She needs a rich boy who can fulfill her demands, love can happen after marriage. She does not care if she has to wear short dress to trap a rich boy. Kalavathi comes out of bathroom and fumes hearing her conversation. She scolds Sanju how cheap she thinks. Sanju says she is not a kid and if her mother cannot think of her future, she will think. Kalavathi continues yelling. Sanju confronts that her plan of getting daughters married after bahu’s MBA and job is a failure, so better she let daughters trap a rich boy. Kalavathi tries to slap her, but she holds hand and says she is so selfish that she is enjoying on bahu’s money and forcing bahu to work and even study. Kalavthi fumes more.

In canteen, Ranveer sits sadly after getting 0 in presentation. Her friends cheer him up and he takes selfies with them. Suman fumes seeing him laughing and thinks he is shameless to enjoy even after getting 0 marks. She reminisces Kalavathi’s suggestion to slap Ranveer and determines to slap him.

Akash gets romantic with Sindhoora and apologizes her for being rude, asks her to give him some time, he will set things right. She says she trusted him 25 years ago and married him, reminding tomorrow is their wedding anniversary. He says he forgot all their happiness in tension. She says her friends are insisting for a wedding anniversary party. He says he cannot take permission from bhai sahib and walks away. Sindhoora thinks she knows what to do.

Suman angrily walks towards Ranveer to slap him, but he leaves cafeteria. She follows him to parking lot and angrily raises hand to slap him, but he holds her hand.

Sindhoora sees badi maa busy in reciting holy scripture, goes to her and asks to continue recitation. Badi maa says she did not forget her sanskars even after being in Delhi. Sindhoora says sanskars are inborn and says her and Akash’s friends are insisting for 25th wedding anniversary party. Badi maa asks her to take money from Nupur and celebrate it in a way she likes. Sindhoora goes to Nupur’s room fuming. Nupur asks if she needs 10000 rs. Sindhoora says it is not children’s party. Nupur asks 50,000 rs. Sindhoora says 10 lakhs. Nupur is shocked and says she is not in Delhi. Sindhoora thinks if she knows that she is broke, says she does not need anyone’s suggestion how to celebrate party and angrily walks away. Nupur walks behind her.

Ranveer holds Suman’s hand and stops her from slapping him. She shouts to leave her hand, it is paining. He leaves her hand and asks why she wants to slap him. She shouts he is troubling him since day 1 and reminds all the incidents. He reminds how she troubled him instead. Their argument and shouting continues. Suman warns him not to trouble her again. He warns not to come in front of him and to get out of his sight. Ranveer’s friend stops her and says she is misunderstanding Ranveer. Suman says she understood him well and he is troubling her as she looks different. Friend says she knows Ranveer from childhood and he is gem of a person. Suman continues yelling that he a rogue. Friend says she does not know which family is Ranveer from. Suman shouts family is not a person’s character certificate. Friend says many girls are eager to marry Ranveer. Suman shouts may be, she is not. Ranveer hears that and says whoever marries her will suicide on marriage day.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer calls Suman’s number and asks if he can speak to Veer. Suman and Ranveer are in temple with families and don’t notice each other. Suman goes to Mittal sadan with Kalavathi. Nupur asks Kalavathi if Suman is her elder daughter. Kalavathi fumes in anger.

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