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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ranveer comes to room and sees Suman folding his clothes and asks why she is touching his clothes. Suman says it is my responsibility. Ranveer asks her to learn to become wife first and asks why she didn’t go to her son. Suman says she will go soon. Ranveer says he will get habitual to stay without her. Suman says when I am not your wife then I have no right to sleep on your bed and asks him to sleep. She takes bedsheet and sleeps on floor. Naina song plays….Ranveer sleeps on bed. Suman thinks about their pre marriage romance and their post marriage separation. She thinks she did a very big mistake by marrying Ranveer, and her big strength Veer is there alone, and thinks to exit from his life.

Sanjana tells that she will wear that bangles with the saree and searches for those bangles. She asks Sahil if he saw her kundan bangles. Sahil asks if she is talking about Kundan bangles. Sanjana says yes. Sahil says I sold it as you need 25000. Sanjana says it was my Maasa’s bangles. Sahil says I was not aware else I would have sold something else. Sanjana gets upset. Sindhoora and other ladies knock on the door.

Ranveer opens the door. Sindhoora thinks it seems Suman left. Ranveer realizes Suman is sleeping on floor and says he will wake her up. Sindhoora says we will wake her up. Dadi and others come inside and see Suman sleeping on bed. Suman greets them. Sindhoora thinks her assumption was wrong. Dadi asks them to make preparation for Bade Papa and Badi Maa and says she told her idea to Suman. Sanjana gets upset and tells that she will manage being elder bahu. Sindhoora thinks why did dadi give arrangement work to these middleclass girls. Antara asks what to do? Sanjana says she will tell being elder bahu of the house. Suman asks her to tell. Sanjana gives puja responsibility to Antara and food responsibility to Suman, and says she will do supervision. Suman says ok, and tells Antara about Dadi’s idea.

Kalavati gives butter and bread to Veer. Veer refuses to eat it. Kalavati says she gets tired soon and says she will make ladies finger in the night. Veer misses Suman. Kalavati gets Sanjana’s call. Sanjana says she got responsibility of making arrangements for puja and asked Suman and Antara to do work and is sitting idle. Sahil comes and hears her, and ties her saree pallu on to the table. Kalavati asks Sanjana to give less work to Antara and maximum work to Suman. Sanjana says ok. Kalavati says I was not invited. Sanjana says it is just a family gathering. Kalavati thinks if I am an outsider and thinks to go so that she don’t have to work in kitchen. Sanjana thinks Sahil is holding her Pallu and asks him to leave. He says he haven’t hold her and asks her to frees it. Ranveer and Suman look at each other while their path crossed. Naina song plays. Sindhoora thinks Suman will not stay longer when she don’t get Ranveer’s support.

Suman thinks someone please say that it is a bad dream. Ranveer comes to her and says sorry holding her hand. He says I know that I hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, I had forgotten that veer and you are my responsibility. He says I will go and bring Veer today and then we will start our life afresh. Suman says really. Ranveer says yes. Suman hugs him crying. She thanks him and says it seems like bad dream ended. Ranveer says everything will be fine now. Ek tara song plays…..


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana collides with Antara and the cake falls down. Suman asks who made the cake fall down. Sanjana tries to order cake, but gets to know that they can’t get the order before 5 hours. Suman, Antara and Sanjana are tensed.

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