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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Ranveer tells Sahil and Manan that he wants to marry Suman and not Niharika. Manan asks if he is out of life. Ranveer says he wants their help to take his alliance to Suman. Nupur hears their conversation and thinks he came here to call Chaman, but Ranveer gave her a big gift. Sindhoora pushed her with poor bahu, now she will also get poor bahu, one reaps what they sow. Manan says Suman is a widow. Ranveer asks if a window does not have right to be happy, Suman is perfect bahu for our house. Sahil says they are from conservative family and don’t have right to take their life’s decision, even he is forced to marry Sanju. Ranveer says he did mistake. Manan asks to stop arguing and tries to convince Ranveer, but he gets adamant.

Kalavathi gets face pack by Sanju. Suman reaches home and shows wedding sample cards. Sanju excitedly reads it. Antara says there are many mistakes. Suman says she brought sample card to correct mistakes and asks Kalavathi to check once. Kalavathi asks to keep it in cupboard, she will check later.

Nupur informs Sindhoora that Ranveer wants to marry Suman. Sindhoora fumes and shouts. Nupur says she can ask her son. Ranveer comes and Sindhoora asks if what Nupur told is right, if he wants to marry Suman. Ranveer says yes. Whole family stands in a shock. Bade papa asks if he is out of his mind. Ranveer says he is not. Bade papa warns Akash that he will not forgive Ranveer if he spoils Mittal family name. Akash tells Ranveer that if he wants to marry Suman to skip marrying Niharika, then he will not let him marry Niharika. He says he wants to marry Suman as he loves her. Sindhoora says he will marry only Niharika. Ranveer says she wants him to marry Niharika to flaunt her status. She slaps him. He angrily leaves. Akash says she should not have slapped him, he is grown up now. Sindhoora says she slapped him to remind he is grown up. Akash takes her away. Nupur thinks she did not want to upset family and make Sindhoora slap Ranveer.

Kalavathi gets ready to go for wedding shopping. Suman gives her card and asks to show Mittal family this card once. Kalavathi gets vendor’s call and she asks Suman to go with some sweets.

Akash tries to console Sindhoor and explains that she should not be so tough with Ranveer and should behave like a friend. She shouts that she does not like Suman and tells him about the incidents where Suman gave lecture about self-respect, etc.

Ranveer angrily hits cricket ball in his room. Sahil enters and tells him that he is with him in his decision, what if he cannot the girl of his choice, his brother can marry at lease. He hugs Ranveer and thinks he will use Ranveer to break his alliance with Sanju.


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