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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ravi tells Suman that he needs to see her and that’s why came. Sindhoora asks Dadi who is elder bahu, Nupur or she? Dadi says you are elder than her, but looks young. Sindhoora tells Dadi that she wants her responsibilities. Ravi asks Suman if she is close to Ranveer and says he left wine when you asked him once. He says he can’t see his Sumi with someone else and asks if she is just his or have done something with Ranveer. Suman is shocked and asks what you are saying?

Someone knocks on the door. Suman opens the door and finds Ranveer standing. Ravi tells him that they were talking about the arrangements to go after 7 days. Suman asks Ravi why he is not telling anyone about his existence. Ravi says he is accused of killing 8 people and of committing fraud of crores of Rs. Suman and Ranveer are shocked. Sindhoora says she wants house keys. Kalavati thinks if this naagin get keys, then she will kick me out. Ravi tells Suman that he is innocent, and tells that the boss committed fraud and put accusation on him. He says that family committed suicide, and that’s why he planned his death by jumping in the river so that Police can’t catch him. Suman says Police had not told them anything when they filed missing complaint.

Ravi tells that he went to foreign and earned much money with Boss’s help. Suman says illegal work. Ravi says even Police is involved.

Dadi tells Sindhoora that she will think and tell her. Sindhoora says she will wait for her decision and tells that she will stay with elder bahu rights. Kalavati tries to talk to Sindhoora, but she ignores her and goes. She recalls asking Sindhoora not to fill Sanjana’s ears. Sindhoora asks her to be in limits. Kalavati says you have stoop so low. Sindhoora says I got her relation fixed here, and if I can get her married here, then I can break it too. Kalavati says I was in misunderstanding that you are owner of the house, but the real owner is my daughters’ saas Nupur. Fb ends.

He says he couldn’t stay without her, and was happy when Sanjana and Antara’s marriage was fixed. He says when he came to know that even Suman’s marriage is fixed, he yearned to meet her and his son. He says he is unfortunate not to meet his son and losing the moments of his childhood. He asks Suman where is Veer? Suman says he went to school, will return at night after some function. Ravi acts crazy and says he will wait for him here. Suman says she needs to make food now. Ravi says you will not make food, you will be with me here. He says he wants to meet Veer. Ranveer tells Suman that he will tell family members that Suman is unwell so that they can spend sometime together.

Dadi tells Badi Maa that she is trapped between two bahus, and says if I give keys to Sindhoora then Nupur will get angry, and if I let keys be with Nupur then Sindhoora will get angry. Badi Maa asks her to free both of them from responsibilities. She says we shall give this responsibility to….Dadi asks her not to tell and says she wants to give chance to all three new bahus without telling them.

Antara comes to Nupur’s room and sees her walking backwards. She asks what she is doing? She asks her to walk backwards as her grah is in problem. They collide with Sindhoora. Sindhoora scolds Nupur for taking up responsibility with childish behavior. Suman says she needs to make food for Dadi. Ranveer says he will tell Dadi that she is unwell and sleeping, so that nobody come to meet her. Suman looks at Ranveer. Ravi asks her to look at him like she glanced Ranveer.

At dining table, Dadi asks where is her Malai kofte. Antara tells that Suman left in the morning and didn’t return. Sindhoora gets angry and goes to her room. Ranveer comes and says Suman is extremely unwell and can’t make food. Nupur says just now Sndhoora went to her room. Ranveer is shocked.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Nupur asks Badi Maa about Sindhoora. Badi maa tells her everything. Later Ravi looks at Veer holding gun. Kalavati asks who are you and is about to see his face.

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