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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman is about to go to her room where Sindhoora is hiding and searching for her passport. Nupur comes and asks her to come. Suman goes. Veer tells Suman that teacher made him stood out of classroom and says she left note for you, and says you haven’t pai.d my fees. Suman says she will pay the fees and will talk to teacher. Antara asks what happened? Why didn’t she pay money. Suman says she was busy last month and don’t have money. Antara says she has some money and asks her to talk to Ranveer. Suman says she don’t want to get dependent on him. Later Suman calls school and tells that she needs two days to pay the fees. School authorities tell that the fees is already paid for a year. Suman is surprised. Suman asks Antara if she talked to Manan. Antara says no. Suman says school office guy didn’t tell her who has paid the coffee. She brings coffee for him and it falls son Ranveer. Suman says sorry and brings water to tries to clean the stain.

Ranveer says his jeans got drenched. Suman asks him to change the clothes immediately. Ranveer goes to washroom and throws his clothes out. Suman gets his wallet and sees the cash receipt. She thinks Ranveer has paid the fees, thinks she thought him wrong all this while. She thinks what he is hiding her. Ranveer asks her to give his shirt. Suman thinks about their first meet etc. A song plays…She finds ink shirt in the wardrobe and thinks he kept it safely till now. He asks for his shirt. Suman gives him shirt. Song plays…..Suman thinks why he wants to prove himself bad in front of me, I will find out.

Ranveer wears shirt and comes out. Suman gets emotional and hugs him. He gets teary eyes too. He turns to her. She hugs him. He reciprocate her hug. It turns out to be her imagination. Ranveer comes and asks if she is fine. Suman nods. Antara comes and says Bade Papa is calling you. They go to him. Dadi asks him to tell. Bade Papa tells that London tickets are booked for them and asks them to get ready to go. Ranveer says he has a best family. Kalavati says she wants to go to England. Everyone laughs. Sindhoora tells her that London is England’s capital. Kalavati says she wants to go. Bade Papa says we will fulfill your wish. He asks them to get their passports.

Suman gets Ranveer’s passport and thinks where is my passport. She searches for her passport. Sindhoora says Suman didn’t come till now. Suman brings passport. Akash checks it and shows passport to her. Suman is shocked to see her pic ruined in the passport. Sindhoora recalls scratching on Suman’s pic in the passport with hair pin. Ranveer says how we will go now. Suman says she kept it safely. Ranveer asks them to go and enjoy their honeymoon. Antara says we will not go. Ranveer asks her not to spoil her honeymoon because of them. Bade Papa tells that he has booked their honeymoon in the city’s best resort. Sindhoora thinks she couldn’t cancel her honeymoon and thinks to do something. Kalavati thinks what is in her mind. Manan tells Antara to pack her clothes.

Suman thinks how to make Ranveer understand that it was not her mistake. Ranveer comes and says because of your carelessness, we couldn’t go for honeymoon. Suman says she didn’t spoil her passport. Ranveer says if you had not done, then your son must have done this. Suman asks him not to drag him. Ranveer says it was your wish not to go on honeymoon. Suman says she wants to go. Ranveer says I don’t agree. Suman says I have packed my bags too. Ranveer says ok and says he needs to attend call. Suman says even you wants to go on honeymoon and asks what do he wants. He says he needs to call and goes. Suman thinks when I said yes, he got tensed. She thinks what is he hiding from her. She thinks she will go.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalavati asks suman not to forget them after honeymoon. Suman says she didn’t forget anything. Kalavati says if that was the case, you wouldn’t have gone on honeymoon. Shakti hears Sindhoora telling that she will stop them. Kalavati warns Suman.

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