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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Nupur asks Kalavathi if Suman is her elder daughter. Kalavthi gets angry. Nupur’s friend asks her to introduce her to her friend. Nupur says Kalavathi is Sindhoora’s childhood friend. Friend asks to tell about Sindhoora. Kalavathi tells Sindhoora was very fat in childhood and used to get hanuman role in drama.

Sanju with Antara starts searching Sanju and finds him with his friends and Manan. Manan gets happy seeing Antara. Sanju introduces herself and extends hand as a friendship gesture. Sahil says who invited her here and asks to leave. She says he behaves with guests like this. Sahil says she is uninvited guest and leaves with his friends. Sanju fumes. Manan says bhai jokes. Sanju pushes Antara towards Manan and leaves. Antara apologizes and Manan feels shy. He offers her food and gets her snacks. Their ankh micholi continues.

Kalavathi continues describing Sindhoora’s childhood stories. Nupur laughs. Pandit asks Nupur to get water for pooja Kalavathi asks Suman to get water. Nupur shows her kitchen. Suman walking walking towards kitchen sees Daadi suffocating and gives water to her. Daadi thanks her. She then gets water and helps pandit ji. Panditji asks if she knows rituals. Suman says she used to do it with her mother. Daadi asks Nupur who is that girl. Nupur says Kalavathi’s elder daughter.

Kalavathi tells Sindhoora that she wants to talk to her important. Sindhoora says even she wants to and asks her to wait aside. Kalavathi waits for Sindhoora thinking she will get her work done, trapping Sahil for Sanju. Her friends ask if Kalavathi is really her friend. Sindhoora says she is manager’s daughter and is just trying to befriend rich people, that is all. Friends taunt her devrani has taken over whole house. Sidhoora says she knows how to deal with her devrani and take over this house.

Pooja starts. Nupur asks Sindhoora to sit in pooja. Everyone sit for pooja. Sanju sits next to Sahil, he tries to get up but someone stops him. Sanju keeps her hand on Sahil and he fume sin anger. Kalavathi is busy trying to befriend Nupur. Sindhoora sees them both and fumes that daughter is trying to trap Sahil and mother trying to trap Nupur. Pandit asks to prepare dough lamp. Nupur says she will help. Sindhoora yells that she is elder and knows well. She prepares lamp and it breaks. Badi maa says jis ka kaam usi to saajhe. Sindhoora fumes. Pandit says it is okay. After pooja finishes, Suman serves aarti to everyone. Ranveer is busy with his counsins and when Suman walks towards him, he gets a call and leaves without noticing Suman, even Suman does not notice him. Suman then shows aarti to Sindhoora. Sindoora purposefully burns her hand and yells at Suman. Suman says it is a mistake. Sindhoora yells at her and moving aside smirks. Pandit calls Sindhoora and gives him kumkum thali and asks to apply it daily. Sindhoora asks to keep it aside. Pandit says she should not ignore prasad.

Badi maa asks Ranveer if sindhoora’s wedding anniversary party is arranged. He says yes. Suman sees daadi dropping prasad on her feet and cleans it. Sindhoora walks towards her carrying kumkum thali. Ranveer over phone passes by and pushes thali unknowingly. Sindhoora drops it on Suman’s head. Kalavathi and her daughters are shocked seeing it. Sindhoora apologizes Suman. Panditji says it is a good sign, this girl will be married soon. Kalavathi gets jealous thinking if Suman gets married, she cannot continue using Suman’s hard work and money.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalavathi drags Suman home and cleans kumkum from her head. Suman cries that she will not remarry.

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