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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nupur tells Ranveer that Sindhoora went to room. Sindhoora goes to Suman’s room and asks why she haven’t made Maasaa’s food. Suman says she is feeling unwell. Sindhoora asks her to go and make food for Maasaa else she will be kicked out from house. Suman thinks your wish will be fulfilled soon. Sindhoora asks her to go and make food. Suman says she will make and recalls Ranveer calling her which alerted her. Suman goes. Ranveer tells Ravi that he called as Sindhoora was coming here. Ravi says he didn’t like the way his mum talked to Suman, and says he will meet Veer.

Suman comes downstairs and says she will make kofte for Dadi. Dadi asks her to rest. Suman says she will make and goes. Badi Maa says Suman will make it. Sindhoora tells that everything will happen by discipline and I have taken this house charge being elder bahu. Everyone looks on surprised.

Nupur asks Badi Maa what happened? Badi Maa tells that Sindhoora asks for house keys and responsibilities from Maasa. Nupur says it is good and says now she will get more time to do puja, and take care of everyone. Badi Maa hugs Nupur for talking maturely. Nupur says we don’t need to teach much to our bahus as Suman is more understanding than them.

Sanjana is doing decoration and thinks she became naukrani. Suman brings tea for them. Dadi asks where is Kalavati? Sindhoora says she went for outing. Nupur says she thought to give her responsibility to someone else. Sindhoora says she is ready to accept it and thinks she will kick Suman out.

Veer comes home. Ravi calls Suman and asks her to bring Veer to him, as he is waiting near the pool. Ranveer sees his marriage pics with Suman. Chandariya song plays…He cries. Suman comes to him and tells that Ravi is near the pool and insisting to meet Veer. Ranveer says he will take them. He asks Veer to come with him for having icecream. They come out of house and stand near the pool. Ranveer asks him to wait till he gets his favorite icecream. Veer plays near there. Kalavati sees someone is looking at Veer and walking towards him. Kalavati holds his hand and asks him to show his face, asks who are you. Did you try to kidnap my grand son. Suman and Ravi gets tensed. Ravi runs and elopes. Suman asks her if she is fine. Kalavati scolds her for her irresponsible behavior. Ranveer comes and says he went to bring icecream. Kalavati says she will talk to Bade Papa to increase security. Ranveer gives icecream to Veer. Veer takes it. Ranveer then asks Suman to have it. Suman tells Ranveer that Ravi couldn’t meet Veer.

Kalavati comes to Bade Papa and asks him to increase security, says if she wouldn’t have reached there, then Veer would have got kidnapped. Bade Papa calls Police. Sindhoora scolds Suman for taking Veer out to pool side. Ranveer asks her not to make issue out of it.

Suman comes to room and cries. Ranveer tries to pacify her and asks her to handle herself. Song plays…Suman asks what sin she has done that she is in this position now. She says she is having a troubled life since she was born. Suman says God forgot that even she is a human and feels pain. Ranveer asks her to handle herself and hugs her. Song plays. Dil Keh raha hai..She recalls moments between them and cries badly.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi insists to meet Veer. Ranveer says he will make him meet his entire family. Ravi comes indisguise of a sardar ji to Mittal Sadan. Kalavati identifies him and calls him Ravi.

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