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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sindhoora sees Kalavati hearing her. Kalavati says ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye and says you are trying to break the marriage. Sindhoora asks what nonsense? Kalavati says I heard everything and will now tell Mittal family about it. Sindhoora says she will tell them that it is all her work. Kalavati says lets try. Sindhoora thinks how to stop her. She promises not to stop her daughters’ marriage. Kalavati asks her to apologize to her. Sindhoora says for what? Kalavati says for the venom which you had spit. Sindhoora says sorry. Kalavati says I forgive my best friend. Sindhoora says my foot.

Suman comes to bachelor’s party as a waiter. She thinks she has to handle Ranveer before Sonali reaches him. Ranveer is drunk and imagines Suman while dancing. Sonali is looking at him from far. Bade papa asks Manan, what happened to Ranveer. Manan says may be he is dancing happily. Ranveer comes to drink water. Sonali comes to him and asks are you fine? He says I am fine, but have a headache. Sonali holds him and thinks this is the right time to trap him. She asks him to come inside with her. Ranveer says no and says lets dance. Sonali says you are unwell and asks him to come. Suman comes there indisguise of a waiter. Suman asks where you are taking him. Sonali says inside as he is unwell. Suman thanks her and says I came to take care of him. Ranveer says waiter is cute. Suman asks Sonali what did you give to waiter and says I saw you. She says I will ask that waiter and tells that I thought you wrong, and says Ranveer said right that you came with a bad intention. Ranveer says I said, but you didn’t listen.

Suman says sorry. Sonali says you are misunderstanding me. Suman says you thought me a fool, but I am not. She goes. Sonali calls someone and tells that her plan failed. Chaman Kaka comes out and gives food to guard. Just then he sees Contractor jumping down from the balcony and asks guards to catch him. They catch him. Suman brings Ranveer back to party and tells Sahil and Manan that Ranveer is drunk by someone. They tell that hard drink is not served. Sonali gives money to waiter and asks him to leave immediately. Ranveer tells Suman that he is imagining Suman in waiter. Suman says I am Suman. Chaman Kaka brings contractor there. Manan asks how did you come here? Tell me. Antara sees Manan telling Bade Papa that he is the same goon who fired at Ranveer.

Antara informs Dadi and everyone. Sindhoora is shocked and thinks what will happen. Bade Papa asks why did you shoot our son? Akash asks him to tell fast who sent him here. Sindhoora thinks I am finished and thinks this idiots got caught. Contractor tells that he is a contract killer and tells that someone called me here. Bade papa asks him to tell. Kalavati thinks you don’t have destiny Sindhoora. Contractor tells that they don’t take clients name as per their rules. Bade Papa asks Brijesh to call SP. Contractor asks them if he will let him go, if he tells the name. Ranveer comes and asks him to tell his name and says I will let you go. Bade Papa says what you are saying? Ranveer says someone is mastermind behind him, and asks him to tell his name. Bade Papa asks him to tell. Sindhoora says your game is over. Contractor says ok, I will tell and looks at everyone. He points finger at Kalavati and then takes Suman’s name. Everyone is shocked. Contractor says this girl gave me money to do this. Suman is shocked.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranveer asks why will Suman do this? Sindhoora says she has a reason and says I can prove this. She shows a recording. Everyone looks on.

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