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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

Sahil and Manan ask Ranveer if Suman loves you. Ranveer recalls reading the letter and tells them that Suman likes him, although he realized this late. Sahil says Kalavati will not agree for this marriage. Ranveer says he will convince her.

Kalavati brings milk and asks Suman to make tea. Suman says okay and goes. Veer asks Sanjana when she will wear this saree. Sanjana says she will wear this saree for her marriage. Veer asks Suman if she will also wear red saree for Sanjana’s wedding and says you will look good. Kalavati says your mum can’t wear this color saree.

Sahil says society will not accept this marriage. Ranveer says we are educated and wants to change the perception of the society.

Kalavati asks Suman to explain to Veer. Suman tells Veer that when her father was alive, she used to wear such sarees, but now she don’t want. Veer requests Kalavati to let his mum wear such sarees. Kalavati says she can’t wear and asks him not to be stubborn, says Suman will not wear red saree. Veer says my mum will wear red saree for me. Ranveer tells that he wants to fill colors in Suman’s life.

Later, Niharika comes and hugs Ranveer, asks why he is upset. Ranveer says today he is going to break a girl’s heart who is so close to him, who is his childhood friend. He says he don’t want to tell her after marriage that he don’t love her, but someone else. Niharika asks him to say clearly? Ranveer assures her that he will be with her as a friend forever. She asks what do you mean?

Ranveer says I can’t marry you, you are my mum’s choice, and says he loves Suman. Niharika laughs hearing him. She tells you called me here to pull my leg, but you did a mistake, I would have taken your words seriously if you had taken someone else’s name, but you took Suman’s name. Ranveer says I am not joking. Niharika smile vanishes. Ranveer says I really love Suman and wants to marry her.

Niharika says but you used to hate her. Ranveer says yes, but as someone says that opposite attracts and says she has all the qualities which he wants in his life partner.

Ranveer apologizes to her. Niharika asks him not to apologize to her and says she wants to be his friend for life. He thanks her for the understanding. Niharika says she will go now and have some work. Ranveer asks what? Niharika says she has to cancelled their marriage arrangements. Ranveer is thankful to her and hugs her. Niharika turns and smirks. Ranveer looks on.

She comes to Suman straightaway and says she wants to talk to her. Suman asks if everything is fine. Niharika accuses her for snatching Ranveer from her. Suman says I never spoke to him about him. Niharika accuses her for trapping Ranveer with her simplicity. Suman asks her to shut up and tells that she will forget that Sanjana and Antara are marrying in that house. Niharika ends her relation with her. Kalavati asks Suman why did Niharika come here? Suman says she came to scold me. Kalavati asks what wrong did you do? Suman promises that she doesn’t know. Kalavati thinks matter is something for sure.

Sanjana shows the jhumkas to Kalavati and says she likes it. She says even you can wear. Kalavati says she can’t wear at this age. She misses her husband and says he used to call me dolly. Sanjana calls her dolly. She gets Sindhoora’s call and asks if she is happy now. Sindhoora says you have to make everything fine and for that, you have to stop Suman from going to college. Kalavati is shocked and thinks why Sindhoora wants to cut my gold laying hen’s neck. She asks what happened? Sindhoora says I will tell you when the time is right.

Kalavati says she got her admission with much difficulty. Sindhoora says I got your daughters’ married fixed in my house. She says you can live on parlour money and tells that Suman will not go to college again. Kalavati agrees. Sindhoora ends the call, before Kalavati tells her about Niharika. Suman brings tea for her and says she is going to college. Kalavati says you will not go to college. Suman asks her to give reason. Kalavati asks her to go to college once Sanjana and Antara’s marriage finish. Suman tells her that exams are nearer and asks her to let her go for 2 hours. Kalavati refuses. Suman goes inside. Antara asks why did she stop Suman? Kalavati says she will let her go after their marriage.

Ranveer comes to Suman’s house and lifts Veer in his lap. Veer says he missed him. Ranveer gives chocolate to him. Veer says if we were together then I wouldn’t have missed you. Ranveer promises him that they will be together. Sanjana sees him coming and asks Veer to go inside. Sanjana sees him there. Ranveer tells her that he came to give her notes. Suman says I don’t need and asks him to go. She says Sindhoora don’t want to meet them and asks him to respect his mum’s decision. Ranveer says Veer is a kid, but I am not. Suman asks if you are grown up, then why don’t you solve your problems with Niharika. Ranveer asks what? Suman tells that Niharika came yesterday night and gave me an earful. Ranveer asks what did she say?


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana calls someone and tells that Ranveer came here. Ranveer tells Kalavati that he came to give notes to Suman. Kalavati asks why do he care for her. Ranveer tells her that he wants to marry Suman. Kalavati slaps him. Later she tells Suman that Ranveer wants to marry her. Suman is shocked.

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