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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

Suman tells Ranveer that Niharika came to her house and accused her for breaking her marriage. She asks when did I say anything to you about her. She says she couldn’t understand her problem and accusation. Ranveer thinks it means she didn’t accept my refusal and it was just her acting to accept. Suman says she don’t want her sister in laws to get troubled in his house. Ranveer says whatever he is doing is right. Suman says I don’t understand what is right and wrong and asks him to concentrate in his life and let her concentrate on her studies and responsibilities. Kalavati calls Sindhoora and tells that she stopped Suman from going to college. Sindhoora says I know and inform her that Ranveer came to her house and asks her to make him leave and scold him. Kalavati asks how can I be rude to him. Sindhoora asks her to do as she says. Ranveer says we shall sit and find the solution. Suman asks him to tell. Ranveer says I……

Kalavati comes and asks Suman to go inside. She asks Ranveer not to come to her house again and meet Suman. Ranveer asks why? Kalavati says Suman is widow of Ravi, her bahu, Veer’s mum and her house respect. She says people will spoil Suman’s name if he comes to her house like this. Ranveer says we study in the same college and my brothers are marrying in the house,then why Suman’s name will spoil. Kalavati thinks he said right and it is difficult to handle him. She asks why did you come here to give notes. Ranveer says just because I care for her.

Kalavati asks if he gives notes to all friends who don’t come to college. She asks him to go and meet Niharika. Ranveer says I came to meet Suman. Kalavati asks him to leave and asks what is your relation with her. Ranveer says I came to make relation and wants to marry her. Kalavati is shocked and slaps him hard. She asks how dare you to tell this. She says I would have buried you right here if you was not Sindhoora’s son. He asks her to tell his mistake. Kalavati says Suman is a widow. Ranveer asks why do you kill her happiness when Ravi died. Kalavati says Suman is my bahu and I will think about her betterment. She says if you come again then I will forget that you are Sindhoora’s son and asks him to leave.

Kalavati thinks Suman is doing all this and understands reason of Sindhoora’s anger. She goes to Suman and asks why you are betraying me. Suman says what wrong did I do? Kalavati says now I understood why you got restless when I refused to let you go to college. She says you go to romance. Suman asks why? Kalavati says you have ruined our respect and says I asked you not to talk to any guy there. Suman says I did whatever you asked me. She says Ranveer came here to tell me that he wants to marry you. She says you wants to marry seeing your nanands’ marriage, and says you got married to Ravi, my grandson’s father. Suman is shocked and cries.

She tells that she remembers her husband and have followed her customs. She says I went to college for just studies and swears on Ravi. Kalavati asks her not to swear on her son. Antara tells Kalavati that she has full faith on Suman. Kalavati scolds her and says my daughters trust you a lot. She says you have suffocated my trust and asks why Ranveer asked me to ask your opinion. She says why a bachelor guy proposed marriage for a widow and says you must have sign him.

Suman says she didn’t think about him or anyone, and says he is just her classmate and swears on Ravi and Veer while crying. She says she will not go to college now. Kalavati asks her to keep quiet and asks her to listen to her. She says this matter shall end here, and asks her to make Ranveer change his decision. She says I don’t want my daughter’s marriage to stop because of you. Sanjana goes. Suman hugs Antara and cries.

Brijesh tells that Maasa’s health is deteriorating day by day. They talk to Bhai saheb. Nupur says we don’t think that Maasaa will get to see all grandson’s marriage. Bhai Saheb says we have to take a decision. Sindhoora says Ranveer will marry Niharika only, just as I have decided. Ranveer comes and says sorry to disappoint you, but I will marry Suman only. Sindhoora says she is not suitable for you. Ranveer says if he will marry then he will marry Suman only. Brijesh scolds him. Sahil tells that if Ranveer don’t marry suman then I will also not marry Sanjana. Bhai saheb scolds him. Nupur says Sahil doesn’t refuse for marriage and that he is just supporting Ranveer. Sindhoora thinks they want to take advantage of Ranveer’s stubbornness and wants to get rid of Sanjana. She thinks you have to deal with me. She thinks to do something big to make Ranveer forget Suman.

Suman thinks about Kalavati’s words and cries. Ranveer thinks about Kalavati scolding him. She thinks about Sindhoora, Niharika and Kalavati’s accusation.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman asks Ranveer how dare you to touch me and why did you tell Maasa that you wants to marry me. She asks have you gone mad. Ranveer says yes, and says I want to marry you. Sindhoora comes and insults her and tries to kick her out. Suman holds her hand angrily.

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