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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Suman cleans her sindhoor nervously. Kalavthi comes. Suman says she will leave now as she has to get Veer. Kalavathi says she will speak to Sindhoora and come. Sindoora sees Nupur’s friends brainwashing her that Sindhoora she overpowers her always. Nupur says she does not mind. Friends ask if she found a girl for Sahil. Nupur says she does not need any dowry for her sons, she just need girls from a good family like her family. Sindhoora thinks she will fail Nupur’s plan and will get her sons married to poor girls. She notices Sanju trying to lure Sahil repeatedly. Kalavathi comes searching her Sindhoora asks if she did not get her daughter married. Kalavathi says she did find a good family, once she gets her daughters married, she will die peacefully. Sindhoora says she will play with her grandchildren and then die and says she will get her daughter married to her nephew Sahil. Kalavathi is shocked that her plan is successful. Sindhoora asks to wait for her call, she will speak about the alliance and then call her. Kalavathi happily hugs her and leaves.

After pooja, Mittal family sits for tea and snack. Bade papa says pooja went well and everyone praised it. Badi says credit goes to Nupur who arranged it. Even Akash thanks Nupur. Sindooora fumes. Ranveer announces that he with his cousins has arranged mamma and pappa’s wedding anniversary party. Bade papa asks so soon. Ranveer says not to worry, they have arranged everything.

Sindoora calls Kalavathi and invites her for party and get Sanju well dressed and not in middle class style. Kalavathi says she will dress Sanju like Sindhoora. She then informs Sanju and Antara that they have to attend party at sindhoora’s house. Sanju’s drama and jokergiri starts. Kalavathi calls Suman and asks her to get Antara and Sanju ready for party. Suman asks not to worry, they will look their best. Kalavathi asks to get gift for Sindoora also.

Kalavathi distributes sweets among neighbors and says Sanju’s marriage is fixed in a rich family. Neighbor asks who is the boy. Kalavathi says she will tell later. Neighbor says it is because god’s chunri falling on he daughters, she had already told her daughter’s marriage will happen soon. Kalavathi reminisces chunri also falling on Suman and pandit telling her marriage will happen soon. She walks into kitchen, see kumkum still on Suman’s head, drags her out and pours water on her and cleans kumkum repeatedly. Poor Suman not understanding Kalavathi’s main greedy intention promises that she will never remarry and never get any bad thought in her mind. Kalavathi orders she will not attend today’s party. Sanju and Antara get ready and ask Suman why she is not ready. Kalavathi says she has to sleep early as she has college in the morning.

Party starts at Mittal sadan. Bade papa touches Daadi’s feet. Daadi says he should not let any problem creep up in his younger brother’s wedding anniversary. Bade papa says children have taken care of all arrangements. Kalavathi enters with her daughters. Sindhoora meets them. Kalavathi does her usual overacting. Sindhoora says she will take Sanju to introduce her to everyone. Kalavathi says she has brought gift for her and will give it later. Sindhoora says no formalities.

At home, Veer speaks to Ranveer. Suman comes and veer disconnects call. Suman asks if he was speaking to Krish uncle. Veer says yes. She asks her to be at neighbor’s house while she goes and ggives gift box to Kalavathi.

Kalavathi tries to steal someone’s gift and fix her name. A bit of drama happens. She sees Suman entering with gift and yells why did she come here, if she could not wait at home till she returns, et.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman asks Ranveer what is he doing in Mittal sadan. He says what kind of question is this he enters this house every night via window. Suman says if she knew this is her house, she would not have come. They both run to daadi’s room and get worried seeing her collapsed on bed. Daadi opens eyes and smiles.

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