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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Suman reaches Mittal Sadan with gift and searches Kalavathi. Kalavathi fumes seeing her yells why did she come here behind her. Suman says she came to give gift. Kalavati takes gift and asks where is Veer. Suman says he is with neighbor. Kalavati asks to go home soon. Suman leaves.

Sindhoora introduces Sanju to Sahil and Manan. Sahil is shocked seeing Sanjana in a classy style. Manan asks her to introduce him to Antara. Antara says she is Antara and Sanju is her sister. Sanju extends hand. Sahil fumes, but on Manan’s insistence shakes hand. Sinhoora asks Sahil to excuse Sanju now and takes her. Sahil tells Ranveer that Seeta has become Geeta, she is completely looking different, she is the girl who is behind her. Ranveer says if mom/Sindhoora has brought her, then she genuinely loves him. He further says that she is not that irritating like Suman and if finds Suman here, he will suicide.

Sindhoora introduces Sanju to badi maa and bade papa and then Nupur. Nupur says she is looking different, that is the benefit of having beauty parlor at home. Sindhoora says is the beauty of sanskar and she wanted similar girl for Sahil right? Nupur says that is fine, but their status should also match. Sindhoora says sanskars are bigger than money. Bade papa says she is right. Nupur fumes. Sindoora then introduces Sanju to daadi and says she is her friend Kalavathi’s friend. Daadi says she knows. Sindhoora asks daadi why she is alone. Daadi says she asked everyone to enjoy party. Sindhoora asks Sanju to drop daadi to her room. Sanju pulls daadi’s wheelchair yelling in her usual broken English, sees girls around Sahil and fumes that bees are around her jiggery, she will not spare them. She sees Suman passing by and asks her to take Daadi to her room. Suman takes daadi to her room and says she would have stayed with her, but she has to go. Daadi says she can understand and says she can go.

Suman comes out of daadi’s room. Ranveer passes by and is shocked to see Suman. He asks what is she doing here, why was she doing in daadi’s room. Suuman says she dropped daadi to her room, sindhoora invited her, and what is he doing here. He says it is his house. Their argument starts. Daadi gets aasthma attack and drops water mug. They both run in and see daadi short of breath. Ranveer runs to get water. Suman asks daadi to relax and deep breath. Manan sees Ranveer and asks what happened. Ranveer says Daadi’s condition has worsened. Manan calls whole family. Whole family rushes into daadi’s room. Daadi says she is fine now because of Suman. Kalavathi sees Suman and fumes in anger. Daadi continues praising Suman. Even bade papa praises her. Kalavathi takes Suman out. Ranveer says he hated Suman, but she saved daadi.

Back home, Kalavathi yells at Suman why did she go to Daadi’s room when she had ordered her to go home. Suman says she was about to go when Sanju asked her to drop daadi to her room. Kalavathi says okay, get me some tea. She goes to Sanju’s room and asks if she asked Suman to take daadi to her room. Sanju nervously says yes. Kalavathi scolds she wants to marry in rich family, but does not know how to press/impress them. Sindhoora had sent her with daadi to impress daadi. Sanju says she will remember from here and she is getting that alliance because of maasa and not Sindhoora. Kalavathi gets happy hearing her praise and asks to rest now.

Raneer reminisces Suman taking care of daaadi, her fight with him, etc. Suman thinks same about Ranveer. They both think they thought wrong about each other and should thank them.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Kalavathi says Suman by god’s grace, Sanju’s marriage is fixed in rich house. Suman says she will take loan and celebrate Sanju’s marriage lavishly . Kalavathi says who will repay loan. Suman says she will work after college and repay loan. Ranveer invites Suman for holi party. Suman says she will not play holi

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