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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th February 2017 Written Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th February 2017 Written Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th February 2017 video watch online

Tulsi vivaah continues at Suman’s house. Her son Veer with his 2 friends wearing Krishna and shivji’s attire enters and runs towards her. He asks her if she passed her exam. She says yes, chats a bit and asks him to get in as his bride tulsi maiya will be coming. She says Antara that Veer is looking very good in Krishna’s attire. Sanju sees boys who dropped Veer and friends and asks servant to greet them in. Servant informs Krish and his friends thanks for helping Veer and give them a chance to serve. Friends tell Krish that he did not come here from Delhi to Indore to attend this tulsi vivaah. Krish takes Krish in and burns crackers with them. Sanju walks towards krish and friends to lure them, but a lady stops her and scolds for not wearing dupatta properly and drags her in.

Krish clicks selfie with his friend and panics seeing mom’s call. Sindhoora at her home fumes at servant and fires him Her husband stops her and disperses servants. Sindhoora angrily shouts running house is her right. Husband asks her to relax, if she scolds everyone like this in tension, she will be alone. She thinks she is tensed as her son went away without informing her.

Power goes. Sanju gets sad that she wasted time in makeup, nobody will look at her. Krish focuses his bike light on Suman and says everyone that they will rock tulsi vivaah with bike lights and mobile torch. Eeryone does same. He starts dancing with Krish and everyone on Havan karenge…song…Light comes. Ladies discuss how to take Pooja items to temple, thalis are heavy. Krish’s friend says he will help them.

Antara gets tensed whether to tell Suman that her scholarship request is rejected. She goes to temple and prays god to help her. She corrects her dupatta and temple flower falls on her, she thinks it is god’s sign to inform truth to everyone. Krish’s friend watches this and tries to inform her, but she leaves thanking god. Sanjana is busy taking selfie. Her drama continues. Antara shows her scholarship rejection letter. Kalavathi praises Suman that she will brighten her family name after completing MBA. Sanju informs her that Suman’s scholarship is rejected.

Kalavathi angrily takes Suman in and scolds that she considered her as daughter instead of bahu and wanted to give responsibility of this house, but did not know she cannot handle the burden. She gives letter and says she did not get scholarship and needs 2 lakhs to get admission in college. Suman is shocked hearing this. Suman apologizes. Kalavathi scolds Antara and Sanju that because of their lazinesss, Suman works both at home and at parlor and lost her scholarship. Suman says it is not their mistake. Kalavathi says it is her misake then. Suman says she did not study well, it is her mistake, she cannot pay fees. Kalavathi says she made a mistake of dreaming of making Suman an officer, how will she arrange fees, she has failed. Antara consoles her. She goes in and gets fixed deposit papers and says she had saved Antara and Sanju’s marry, now Suman can pay fees with it. Suman says does not need this, she will do MBA herself. Kalavathi asks how will she arrange 2 lakhs in 2 days. Suman says she does not know, only god can help her. A lady calls Kalavathi to come out for marriage. Suman asks her to go out, she will come later. She looks at her husband’s photo and thinks he always encouraged her to study and even maasa is doing same, their family is together and for family’s happiness, she will do MBA.

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Krish loses his mobile and searches it around. Suman picks mobile from flower thali. God’s chunri falls on Antara, Sanju, and Suman. People congratulate Kalavathi that her daughters will be married soon. Another lady asks if Suman will also remarry.

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