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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer tells Dadi that he is hungry. Kalavati says she is making noodles. Veer asks for her Book and sees his books and pencils fallen on floor. Kalavati tells him that book is there. Veer asks her to get him ready for school. Kalavati thinks she has to do something so that Mittal family lets them stay in their house. Suman brings halwa for Ranveer. He says he don’t want as he had fruits. Suman keeps the halwa and asks him to have it whenever he wants and is about to go. Ranveer says you are eager to meet your son, as he is everything to you.

Sanjana asks 35000 from Sahil for making fake moustaches on her face. He says he don’t have any money. Sanjana blackmails him and says she will tell Taya ji. Sahil says blackmailing will not work, and calls her Daku Sultana. Sanjana goes to tell bade Papa. Sahil goes to her and doesn’t let her speak. He asks if they want to have anything. Bade papa and Badi maa get happy and says that they just had breakfast. Sahil asks Sanjana to come for shopping and says he will give her money in the evening.

Suman says Veer is my son and you are my husband, it is not right to compare those two relations with each other. She says she knows her responsibilities towards both relations. Ranveer says when did I stop you. Suman says I have responsibilities towards that family. Ranveer says it is ok, if you don’t come.

Kalavati is sweeping the floor. Veer asks her to teach him English. Kalavati says she doesn’t know. Veer says you didn’t get me ready, or packed my tiffin then what you can do. Kalavati says she is sweeping the floor. Suman comes there. Kalavati asks if she left that house. Suman says no and says she took Dadi’s permission and will handle both homes now. Kalavati asks how you will do everything. Suman says she has finished all work there. Veer says tomorrow is my English exam and dadisaa is not teaching him anything. Kalavati thinks if Suman comes here and do the work, then everyone will think that I have no problem here, and thinks Suman is closing door.

Nupur comes to Dadi’s room and sees Dadi getting attack. She calls everyone. They search for Dadi’s medicine. Sanjana recalls taking medicine from Suman’s hands and then forgetting it somewhere. Sindhoora realizes seeing Sanjana, but takes Suman’s name. Ranveer gets angry and calls Suman. Suman is busy with Veer and don’t see the call. Doctor comes and checks Dadi, asks if the dose is given to her. Nupur says no. Doctor says if medicine is not given, then her life can end. He prescribes the medicines.

Sindhoora blames Suman. Bade Papa asks Sahil to bring medicines. Sahil and Manan goes. Sindhoora looks at Sanjana. She asks where do you think, the medicine bottle would be. Sanjana says she doesn’t know. Sindhoora says I saw you taking the bottle from Suman. Sanjana tells her that she don’t have the strength to accept her mistake, don’t know what Sahil would have done. Sindhoora asks her to be at her side. Sanjana says ok. Sindhoora asks her to forget where did she keep the bottle? Sanjana says ok.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nupur tells Suman that because of her small mistake, Dadi’s life was in danger. Ranveer strikes the chart which she has made and says only thing matter to you and that is Veer. He asks her to leave.