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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Hari Chacha tells Sindhu that love is everywhere and sings the song. Meera and Abhi are in the car. Meera scolds Abhi. Abhi asks why you are scolding me and says it is Chacha’s work. She says how can he think that duck and hen love each other. Abhi says he saw love in Sherley and Arjun’s eyes and says he is not less popular in guys too. He asks if she is jealous.

Meera says this is not marriage, but drama, and says she will not see his face after that and asks him to make his family understand. They come home and asks where is everyone. Servant says they are sleeping and asks them to sleep. Abhi says sorry for getting angry on him. Servant says I got excited hearing the honeymoon. Abhi asks him to bring the stuff from car.

They come to room and see the decoration surprisingly. Before Meera could say anything, Abhi says what is this misbehavior, says you wants to say this. Meera says this room is messed up like Alif Laila. Abhi says I used to see that show in childhood. Meera asks where is my stuff? She checks the cupboard and says thank god, marriage contract is safe. She asks who came here? Abhi says lets go down and talk. Everyone wait for them in the hall.

Servant says they are coming. Everyone act as busy. Abhi asks them why their stuff is taken out without their knowledge and asks where is Hari. Saru says he thought you shall not mix office and work time. Gopal asks him to hold Meera’s hand and take her out. Everyone teases him. Ankita asks why you are getting angry. Abhi asks where is your Papa? Ankita says he is your Laadle Chacha.

Abhi comes to Dadiya and asks her to tell everyone not to trouble them. Dadiya asks who is troubling you both and asks them to go lekar haathon me haath. Meera and Abhi asks Sindhu to tell what is happening. Sindhu says lekar haathon me haath.

Hari Chachu tells that he kept feng shui duck and hen in their bags and says both of you want to go for your honeymoon. Meera asks what do you think that we will like whatever you do and requests him not to touch her stuff. Everyone is upset. Abhi in room tells Meera that her anger is justified, but Hari Chachu is good at heart. Meera says whatever happened was wrong. Abhi says he tries to cheer up daily. Meera says she has an awkward moment in office. Abhi says you will soon understand everyone until you are here. He says we shall go for honeymoon so that everyone’s worries are gone. Meera says she is regretting her behavior towards Hari Chachu, but they can’t go anywhere and reminds him of Rule No. 21.

Meera comes to Dadiya. Dadiya asks her to sit. Meera says you know that I will come here. Meera says I know everyone is upset with us as we are not going for honeymoon. Dadiya asks them to go. Meera says they are not getting leave as of now. Dadiya asks her to go when they get leave. Meera tells her that she is regretting about her behavior. Dadiya calls Bunty and asks him to call Hari. Dadiya sees duck and asks what is this? Meera says Hari Chachu.

Hari comes there and is about to go seeing Meera there. Dadiya asks her to talk to Hari. Hari says I tried to make alright, but it gets ruined. Meera says there is nothing like that and says sorry for his misbehavior and says I agree for the punishment. Hari says mistake is mine and says I thought I hurt my daughter. Meera returns the duck and says thank you. She says they want to go on a honeymoon, but they can’t go now due to office work. Hari says I have a solution and and says tortoise. He goes to get it. Meera says tortoise.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera and Abhi are in the car and he tells her that sometimes unexpected things happen. Mausami calls Meera home. Meera comes there and is surprise to see a big collage on the wall with the decoration.