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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Sahil tells Ranveer that he does not want to marry Sanju. Ranveer assures him that they will find a solution somehow. Holi celebration starts at Mittal house’s gound. Bade papa touches daadi’s feet and greets her happy holi. All family members wish happy holi. Ranveer touches daadi and wishes happy holi. Daadi applies color on his cheek. He says in Delhi they will not celebrate holi like this. She asks how He picks color plate and throws in air.

Sanju and Anatara play holi and run around. Kalavathi throws color on them. Suman brings sweets. Veer tries to apply color on her, but Kalavathi stops him and Suman tells she is allergic to colors. She then feeds sweets to everyone. Neighbors come and insist Kalavathi to accompany them to Mittal’s holi. Kalavathi says without her, holi will not be complete. Antara insists Suman to accompany them and Suman says no. Kalavathi asks to come over to guide tod phod/Antara and fashion ki phupi/Sanju, but make sure she does not get holi on her.

Ranveer is busy throwing holi on his friends. Kalavathi enters holi ground with family. Bade papa greets her. Nupur and her husband get angry seeing her. Kalavathi after her jokergiri with Sindhoora, applies holi to Nupur and gets friendly. Nupur agrily leaves. Sanju sees Sahil and rushes behind him. Manan and Antara’s romance start and they apply holi to each other. Sanju wishes happy holi to Sahil and he angrily leaves. She determines to apply holi on him.

Ranveer and his friend are busy throwing holi on each other. Ranveer sees Suman wishes her happy holi and tries to apply color on her, but she stops and says she does not like color. He says she knows Sahil and Suman’s alliance is made, but Sahil does not like Sanju and does not want to marry Sanju, so she should explain Sanjana to stop pestering Sahil.

Sanju is busy boasting that she is going to become Mittal family bahu. Suman tells Sanju that Sahil does not want to marry her as he does not like her. Sanju is shocked. Bade papa gathers whole family and informs that Sahil will not marry Sanju and will marry the girl his parents choose. Sindhoora fumes that she will not let Nupur fail her plan and tells Bade papa that she promised Kalavathi. Bade papa says if her friend understands her, she will not object. Suman fumes and thinks she will not easily accept defeat.

Ranveer sees Veer and asks what is he doing. Veer asks in return what is he doing. Ranveer says he came to play holi with his whole family. Veer says even he came to play holi with his family and shows Suman. Ranveer sees so many people and gets confused and says he will meet his mother later. His friend asks who is this girl. He says he is his best friend. Veer asks if she is his girlfriend. Ranveer says friend. Friend asks Veer to excuse Ranveer for sometime.

Kalavathi is busy boasting about herself to someone when Sindhoora takes her aside. She starts her usual drama. Sindhoora informs her that Sahil’s parents have rejected Sanju and Sahil’s marriage proposal. Kalavathi asks to do something. Sindhoora says she cannot help and walks out. Kalavathi stands in a shock. Sanju informs her that Sahil does not like her and rejected proposal. Kalavathi tries to cheer her up. Sanju says she will not accept defeat easily and will trap Sahil somehow and frightens Kalavathi that she boasted in front of all neighbors that she is getting her daughter married in Mittal family, how will she bear their taunts. Kalavathi reminisces neighbors taunting her and joking to get her daughter married to a roadside panipuri wala. Suman says it is wrong and asks Kalavathi to explain her. Kalavathi warns Suman to shut her mouth and Sanju is thinking right, if they cannot get ghee with straight finer, they will have to bend it.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalavathi blackmails Sindhoora that she will suicide. Suman tells Ranveer that he told his brother does not want to marry Sanju. He says that is true. She shows Sahil and Sanju’s intimate pics and says he and his brother does not respect women and play with their feeling, this is what their family taught them. Sindhoora hears that and shouts excuse me.

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