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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman and Kalavati deciding to meet Sindhoora. Dadi says house was full of people, but there is a silence here. They see Suman and get happy. Kalavati says we came to meet Sindhoora. Nupur says I will call her. Kalavati says we will meet her. Sindhoora appreciates herself for making Suman leave and calls her genius, thinks she will get Ranveer married with her choice and laughs.

Kalavati comes there, followed by Suman. Suman says you would have told me once to back off, but you made everyone believe that you have no problem with me then why did you do this? Sindhoora says how can you accuse me. Suman says this is truth and says a mother came to talk to you. Suman says I respect your decision being a mum and says when you don’t want me to marry Ranveer, I will not marry. Ranveer hears her and says if a mum will marry for her son. He says if Veer asks you to marry. Kalavati closes the door and says you are most cheap woman. Sindhoora says look who is talking and says everyone is naked in bathroom. She says it was your plan, I just added small thing.

Kalavati says I thought of my future, but never thought anything will happen to him. She says I will never help you in your doings. Antara feels bad. Suman gives medicine to Kalavati. Antara looks sad. Suman goes to kitchen. Antara hugs her and says I know you are broken from inside. She says it would have been difficult for you and asks how can you hide your pain. Sindhoora tells that first right is of Veer, maasa and you both and that’s why I don’t feel bad.

Sindhoora comes to Suman and says I have accepted Suman for your wish, but now you have to understand that Suman took this decision for you. Ranveer says I know that you provoked Veer to go near water and says you are my mum, but couldn’t understand the meaning of love. She says you said right that you and Suman are mothers, but she is a good mum and that’s because she has sacrificed her happiness for her son and even broke off marriage, and you didn’t know where is my happiness.

Sindhoora thinks don’t know what magic Suman have done. Ranveer is in the park. Veer comes and greets him. Manan says hi. Veer goes. Manan says your presence is affecting him. Kalavati orders sweet and says she will give 1 kg to Shuklayan and says she is my best friend. Suman tells her that Shukla aunty was also involved and Raman provoked Veer. Sanjana says such women shall not be let inside.

Kalavati thinks she wouldn’t have involved Veer in her game and thinks if anything had happened to him then she would felt guilt. Veer comes and asks Suman to play cricket. Kalavati moves the bat and complains of back ache. Veer tells Suman that someone is saying that he can’t play cricket. Suman says I will talk to them. Veer tells that Ranveer and Manan came there. Suman and Antara come there and see Ranveer.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalavati tells Ranveer that Suman has realized her mistake for agreeing to the marriage. Later she asks Suman to keep Veer away from Ranveer. Dadi comes home and asks what happened to Veer. Kalavati asks her to leave it.