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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Kalavathi drags Sindhoora aside and blames her that she played a trick with her. She showed a dream that her daughter will be married in Mittal family, but nothing happened. Sindhoora says even she wanted same, but is helpless. Kalavathi taunts Sindhoora that she knows her actual place now, house’s control in her devrani’s hands and she is just fit for nothing. Sindhoora says she is insulting her. Kalavathi says she wants this alliance somehow, else she will consume poison with her daughters and will die. Sindhoora asks to bring Sanju hiding from everyone. Kalavathi thanks her and leaves.

Sahil says Ranveer that if he had got Niharika before, he would have made her girlfriend, he should make Niharika as girlfriend before a girl like Sanju falls behind him. Sindoora tells her plan to Sanju and asks not tell even to her mother. Sanju bribes maid and asks him to mix bhang in drinks. Servant gives drink to Sahil and he drinks glasses of it. Sanju watches smirking. Sindhoora’s friend tells Ranveer and Niharika’s Jodi loosks classy and she should get them engaged before she repents.

Ranveer runs behind Niharika to throw holi on her. Suman walks searching Veer. Ranveer throws color on Niharka and it falls on Suman. O re manva…song..plays in the background. He apologizes her and she shouts he is troubling her purposefully. He says it is a mistake. She says mistakes don’t happen repeatedly and continues shouting. Ranveer says he apologized her thinking she is sensible, but she is arrogant as usual. Sanju is seeing getting intimate with Sahil. Suman shouts at Ranveer that his brother does not like sanskari girls, but is behind modern girls, it is better Sanju does not marry such a wrong boy.

Sindhoora tells Daadi that she wants her friend Kamla’s daughter Niharika’s alliance with Ranveer. Daadi thinks Ranveer needs a mature girl who can understand his nature and not a rich girl.

Suman sees Ranveer enjoying and dancing and thinks she was right regarding him, he is arrogant and does not care about anyone. Sanju continues dancing with heavily inebriated Sahil and takes him with her. Sindhoora smirks and tells Daadi that Sahil is taking Sanju somewhere, but Brijesh and Nupur notlike their relationship. Sanju gets intimate with Sahil.

An inebriated man throws color on Veer and he calls daadi. Kalavathi sees him and fumes and goes to scold Suman. She drags Suman aside and yells that she did a big sin by applying holi on her. Seeing peole playing holi, even her wishes are alive. She asks to apply holi now. Suman says no. Kalavathi asks who applied color on her. Suman says Ranveer. Kalavathi reminisces Ranveer dropping kumkum on her unknowingly and pandit telling it is a good sign. Suman takes Veer’s oath and says she does not have bad intentions.

Antara searches Sanju and asks where was she. Sanjus says soon she will be married to Sahil. Antara asks how. Sanju says she will tell later. Kalavathi takes them home. Ranveer tells Niharika that he wants to apologize someone Niharika asks who will apologize on festival day.

Suman while cooking thinks their happiness is at stake because of Mittal family. She takes milk to Sanju’s room. Sanju says she must be thinking she is behind Sahil, but the truth is he is behind her and shows her intimate pics with Sahil and cries. Suman thinks Sahil used Sanju and left her, both Sahil and Ranveer are same. Suman thinks of confronting Ranveer and telling him about his brother’s heinous act.

Next day in college, Suman eagerly waits for Ranveer. He comes and she looks at him angrily. He thinks why she is looking at him like this. Sindhoora after dropping Ranveer to college in her car sees his mobile in car itself and asks driver to take car back to college. Suman tells Ranveer that she was waiting for him and says her brother does not like Sanju and does not want to marry her, but what is this and shows Sanju and Sahil’s intimate pics. Ranveer is shocked and says he looks bhai, but…Suman says even now he does not believe his brother is playing with Sanju, like him his brother disrespects women, this is what his family taught him. Sindhoora enters and shouts excuse me. She confronts Suman who is she to misbehave with her son. Suman says when it is a question of her family’s dignity, she will not keep quiet and asks Ranveer to show pics to his mother. Sindhoora sees pics and acts as shocked, but thinks Sanju did her work and it is her turn to present these photographs as breaking now, Suman will be ashamed. Suman says they don’t have answer to her question and says she is getting late to her class. Sindhoora says she needs these photographs, she will not let anything go wrong.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindoora shows Sahil and Sanju’s intimate pics to whole family. Sahil gives 20 lakhs to Sanju and asks to spare him. Suman sees that and confronts Sahil and then Ranveer and yells she wants to slap them. Kalavathi yells at Suman how can she reject 20 lakhs and orders to get out of her house.

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