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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bade Papa don’t agree with Suman and says why Mittal family can harm other Mittal. Sindhoora asks Suman why she thinks like this? Kalavati thinks Sindhoora is their enemy. Suman tells that only insider knows that they went to Kuldevi temple and also someone attacked and locked her in the house. Bade Papa says I am not convinced even now and says everyone wants their kids betterment. Nupur says someone might be jealous. Bade Bhabhi says Suman might be right. Sindhoora says how much Suman knows this. Ranveer says whatever is happening, is with Suman and me. He says that person wants to stop our marriage and says he will marry only Suman.

Brijesh says you are blaming us. Suman says we are just trying to make the person connected with us. Manan says what if your doubt is wrong. Bade Papa says he is proud of her thinking. Bade papa says he will get body guards for them. Ranveer refuses. Bade Papa asks Brijesh to give gun to Inspector and also make the goon identify with Sindhoora, Chaman and Manan’s help. Ranveer tells Bade papa that he is more concerned for Suman’s safety and requests him to let them stay here.

Bade papa requests Kalavati to stay here. Kalavati refuses to take his favor. Sindhoora tells that it is inauspicious if bride and groom see each other before marriage. Nupur backs Ranveer’s request. Kalavati says yes inorder to take revenge from Sindhoora.

Ranveer takes Veer, Suman and Kalavati to the room. He says this is his room now. Veer jumps on the bed. Suman stops him. Ranveer tells that he will help her lift the luggage. They have an eye lock. Kalavati says this is not much weight. Suman drops it on his foot and keeps the bag. Veer says we can play cricket also. Ranveer says cricket kit is in my room. Veer says we will pay something else. Manan takes Antara and Sanjana to room. Sahil brings Sanjana’s bag and says it is heavy. Sanjana says it is not heavy and just have her make up stuff. He asks her not to come without her make up else they will get scared. Veer tells that they will stay together and it will be fun. Ranveer goes. Manan asks him to come as Sonali wants to talk. Sindhoora asks her to take rest. Sonali says she can’t sit for long and had 2 hours sleep.

Sindhoora thanks her for saving Ranveer. Ranveer comes there. Sonali holds his hand. He says I have given this right to Suman and says he came to thank her. Sonali says even you would have done the same. He says where you are staying? Sonali tells that she is staying near his house. Ranveer says he will get her stuff from her hotel room and asks why did you come here? Sonali says because I still love you and laughs. Ranveer is shocked. She continues to laugh and you don’t like jokes. She says I came here for you, I had a guilt that I made you lonely. He says he is lucky to have Suman. Sonali says I didn’t come to get back to your life. He gets Suman’s call and says he needs to go. Sonali says I have no value infront of your to be wife. She thinks sorry and says this is my re-entry in your life and Suman have to exit, as hero belongs to just heroine and not of supporting actress. Ranveer comes to Suman singing song and asks what happened? Suman says nothing is good.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindhoora cries hugging Ranveer’s pic. Ranveer asks if she is crying as her aim went wrong. Sindhoora says she wasn’t involved. Ranveer says target is someone else.