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Fan Fiction : Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hain – Totally Fallen For You!!! Episode 1

By - Ghvpriya


Firstly I want to thank all the people who have read my first article and commented on it and also thanks to all the silent readers also. I am so happy for the response on my first article so I thought to post my next article a little earlier. So here is goes…… Sameer maheswari- a simple, most handsome with a great following and an energetic guy who loves to take challenges and a kind hearted one who loves to help everyone. Wherever is sameer, there will be a festive atmosphere in that place. He is at present studying intermediate 1st year with mpc as his group. Final exams have been completed and sameer spent a good time with his friends munna, pandit, hemanth and nikhil. After a few days, the results day had came…. let’s see how our guys scored, shall we??? Morning 10:30 am on the results day, sameer is shown playing carroms with his friends. Nikhil comes running towards sameer. Nikhil: Sameer, results came yar…..

Then one person turns around to face nikhil but he is not sameer!!! Nikhil: Hemanth, what are you doing here??? Where is sameer? Hemanth: He is there.Talking with someone….. Nikhil goes to sameer and calls him by tapping on his shoulder. Nikhil: Sameer!!! Then turns our hero, sameer. He is looking very handsome with white t-shirt and black jeans. Now we can understand why sameer is having a great following. Sameer: What happened nikhil??? Why are you upset? Saying so, sameer goes towards the carrom board and sits there with munna, pandit and hemanth.

Hemanth: Oh shit!!! I missed it again. Pandit: I have already told you that you can’t score the red one. That’s mine. Sameer: Oh really, pandit. Then let me win it. Pandit: Try your chance, buddy! Sameer then takes the striker and places it near to him and then hits the red one. Wow!!! He had hit the target. Sameer then gets ready to strike another coin. Pandit: You can’t hit that one. It’s a tough job. Sameer: Let’s see it then. Saying so, he hits the striker and there, sameer wins the game. Hemanth: Well done bro. Nikhil: wow sameer. You did a wonderful job. Pandit: Congratulates bro. You won it. Sameer: Winning is an easy task for sameer. Especially during the challenges!!! Pandit: Agreed bro……Nikhil: Oh!!! I forgot the main thing….. Sameer: Ha yes. Nikhil, you came to say something right? Nikhil: Yes bro. The results have been announced. Munna: (talking on mobile) I will call you back later.

Tell nikhil, how much did you score??? Nikhil: I have failed the examination!!! Sameer: What??? You have failed the examination. This is impossible but wait a second. Nikhil, have you gave empty booklet at examination hall without writing anything??? Nikhil: Ya bro but how do u know that??? I haven’t informed you about that…. Sameer: That’s the main point. If you have atleast attempted some questions, then you would have definitely passed the examination. It’s totally your fault. Anyway, better luck next time…. and if u want any help then please ask me, ok??? Nikhil: All right sameer. Sameer: (facing towards others) what about you guys??? Others: We haven’t checked our results yet. Sameer: Won’t you guys ever change? When you know that today results will come, you have to check them before na….

Let’s go to our homes and check our results. Munna: Aren’t you worried about your results sameer??? Sameer: Munna, I already know my results. I will definitely get a good percentage….. Pandit: Of course you will get sameer….. You are the intelligent person of our gang na….. And the most handsome one also. Sameer: I know that pandit. Munna: Then we will meet at the cafe near sameer’s house at 4pm…. Ok??? All: okkkkk. Saying so, everyone leave to their house. Sameer reaches his house and finds his step-father and his mother upset. Sameer goes to his mother and asks- what happened mom??? Why are you so upset?

Viswa tej(step-father of sameer): I will tell the reason…. Saying so, he throws a sheet of paper on sameer’s face and says – see it and you will understand yourself!!! Sameer takes the paper and gets shocked…… It’s his results sheet. Viswa tej: Are you happy now??? Who gave you the right to insult me in front of the society. I have a great name and VS industries has a goodwill in the society and you are spoiling it totally….. Lata tej: Your dad is absolutely right. Even I am also shamed by your results. Actually, sameer got 60% marks in his final exams. We all know about sameer and his interest towards studies na…. so, scoring a good percentage is a little tough job for sameer. Viswa tej: You should see your brother and take him as your inspiration. He got 95% marks and stood 2nd place in the whole college.

You should learn from him to how to make parents proud. Sameer:(in a angry mood) I am not your son to do whatever you say. I am sameer, sameer maheswari. I will do whatever I want and I don’t need to think about you and your goodwill in the society. Lata tej: Sameer, is this the way to talk to your dad. Apologize your dad immediately!!! Sameer:(in a even more angry tone)

Firstly, he is not my father. Secondly, who asked him to keep hopes on me and last but not the least, I will not apologize him and will never accept him as my father!!! Understood??? Saying so, sameer leaves from there and goes into his room….. coming up: sameer- I won’t leave that challenge so easily, if you want to try, then be careful with me because I am a very tough competitor to you…….

This is my first episode guys. Hope you all will love it….. Please comment below and let me know your views and please be free to give suggestions. Thank you guys and I will try to post my next article as soon as possible……

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