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Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Gangaa 20th February 2017 video watch online on

Ganga follows Radhika’s voice. The thieves make Radhika unconscious and suggests about getting money against this girl’s kidnap now. The find Ganga coming towards the room, then finds a chance to flee. Ganga spots them carrying Radhika downstairs and calls Radhika. She then walks inside to wake Shiv and everyone, she says Radhika was kidnapped. Savitri questions where they are going. Shiv informs her about Radhika’s complain and head behind Radhika. Ganga holds his hand insisting to come along. Shiv was moved as she held his hand, then informs him about being near the jeep.
The thieves plan to hide somewhere and call Shiv for money.
In the car, Ganga asks Shiv what if they have kidnapped Radhika for money. She suggests they must have left the village. The jeep stops by at once, Shiv goes to check for the problem. Radhika wakes up in the car, calling her Maa and Papa. They doesn’t pay attention as she is a minor. Shiv regrets as the wire of car has burnt. Radhika’s car passes behind Ganga, Radhika knocks at the door of the car behind her. Ganga spots the man and recognizes the thief as Math. She shares with Shiv she suspected this man. Shiv was alert and calls Math. He calls Muneem to look for the man in the Math.
Radhika bites the man’s hand and stuffs the driver’s face with her dupatta who suffocated and the car goes out of balance. Shiv and Ganga go looking for Radhika on foot. Ganga tells Shiv to walk ahead, she will walk slowly and insists about it. Shiv wasn’t ready to leave her alone, they try to hire an auto or cab. Shiv stops a car and gets in.
Savitri comes to Math with family.
They car of thieves was out of order, one of them deters Radhika and drags her out of the car. Radhika run from their grip into the fields and hide there.
Shiv reaches the car and finds it broken. They look around calling Radhika’s name. Shiv makes Ganga sit and calls Radhika across the fields. Radhika replies to his call, but comes to confrontation with the goon. Ganga decides to go on to look for Radhika and finds the goons in front of her.
After a while, Ganga gets conscious and finds herself tied with tree. Radhika had been tied with another tree. The thieves discuss that now Shiv must name his locker after them, else they will kill both of these ladies. They leave the trees. Shiv arrive from behind and whispers at them to run towards the city, then goes to a hiding again as he had already called the police. The thieves come to scolds Radhika for being restless. Ganga and Radhika’s ropes had been untied. They come together. Shiv places a rod on the thief’s shoulder and beat them, the three attack at Shiv together. Shiv fights well but they beat the back of his head with a rod. Radhika and Ganga move forward with huge wooden sticks, Shiv cheers heading the siren of police van. The inspector takes Shiv and family along to be dropped home. Shiv comes to hug Radhika.


Gangaa 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratab was curt sharing he wants to kill Ganga. Savitri says she will kill Ganga also if needed. The next morning, Savitri tells Ganga to cook for Pandits as the next challenge.

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