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Gangaa 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Gangaa 25th May 2017 on

Shiv and Ganga select the same doll for Radhika. Aashaa keenly watches this and appreciates their choice. On the way back, Shiv hits a woman undeliberately. The lady shouts at Shiv that he does this deliberately. Ganga comes to interrupt and says the lady doesn’t recognize a difference between any goon and a simple man. Ganga tells the lady he is her husband and must have held her hand to support her. She says no one should help girls like her, and tells her to go away. Shiv wish Ganga similarly understand his love for her as well. Ganga wonders why she sided Shiv in front of everyone. Ganga makes the payment.
On the way back, some bikers pass by trying to molest Ganga and Aasha. Shiv returns to beat the men and holds thier collars teaching them a lesson. The guys leave after apologizing the ladies.

Ganga gets a call from Riya that Savitri has been shouting for long, they have to go to thier Chachi. She warns Ganga she will have to take care of everything. Ganga informs Shiv about the plan.

At chachi’s place, both chachi and Savitri have an argument with each other. Soon, Savitri comes out and shout at Shiv that she doesn’t want to stay here for a second. Savitri shuts herself at home and says she did exactly what Kushal asked her to do. Outside, everyone had gathered and asks Savitri to come outside. Kushal asks if Savitri is angry. Ganga tells Shiv that Savitri is angry because Chachi said alot to her. Savitri cries inside that Geeta didn’t say something wrong, she wonders why she didn’t die before hearing this. Shiv asks Ganga about the matter, he says he would ask Savitri about it. He deters to break the door if Savitri doesn’t open the door. Savitri finally opens the door and cries that Geeta taunted her, she tells Shiv she taunted that Shiv and Ganga don’t live as husband and wife. She warns Shiv if they don’t develop a relation within next 7 days, she will marry Shiv to someone else as she needs grandchildren in the house.

Riya tells Savitri to let go of whatever Geeta says. Savitri was stubborn and insists they both live as strangers. Riya asks where would she bring a girl in seven days to remarry Shiv. Savitri says Aasha is there, she is an aunt of Radhika and will take care of her as well. Everyone was in disbelief. Shiv warns Savitri can’t make him up for marriage on Parvati’s name. Savitri cries again that Shiv promised to agree to everything he says. Savitri shuts herself again inside the room. Riya takes Aasha away. Ganga stands there, upset.

Gangaa 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganga asks Shiv what he wants. Ganga allows Shiv to marry Aasha, she is a nice girl. Aasha takes Shiv outside with her. Shiv returns home and tells Ganga he has decided when and how he would do something. 

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