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Gangaa 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Gangaa 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Ganga fell in a dug hole in the midst of the field. She looks around and calls for help when soon she spots a snake.
A lady of village had brought the idol, she narrates that she saw a lady digging it in fields yesterday. She discovered it today and brought her. Jhumki asks the lady if she appeared to be Ganga. The lady says she was really tall. Shiv thinks they must have believed in Ganga, he needs to speak to her. Kushaal comes to inform Shiv that Ganga is nowhere in Math. A servant comes to inform Ganga was going towards the barren lands, the place is dangerous. Baba reminds Shiv to return till Pooja in an hour. Ganga was worried and wonders how to get out of here. The snake was moving there over the top.
Savitri brings the idol with Pratab. Pratab says Baba would never think about him,as Baba only told Shiv to come there. Kushaal pays a huge amount to the old lady for helping them. He looks towards Riya who asks him to go and help Shiv. Shiv runs towards the land where Ganga was trapped in the hole. He offers to hold his hand and come out. Ganga was stubborn and denies. Shiv allows her to be as angry as she needs to be. Shiv struggles to make Ganga’s mood up and himself fell in the hole. He now accuses Ganga. Ganga complains he didn’t trust her and considered her as the culprit. Shiv clutches her arm asking to trust him, as he trusts her. He realizes at once and leaves her saying they have found the idol. He looks around for a way to get out of here. He suggests her to step over his shoulder and jump out, then give her hand to him.
There, everyone was waiting for Shiv. Savitri comes to tell Baba that he must let Pratab and Jhumki sit for Pooja as they can’t make delays anymore. Shiv helps Ganga get up, and tells her to go and get someone from Math. Ganga assures she won’t leave his hand. She lay down and pulls Shiv up to her full strength. Both were out of the hole now. The snake appears just from behind Shiv. He tries to clutch the snake but it bites Shiv. Shiv faints at once, Ganga initially tries to wake him up. She then ties him with a board and drags him. There, Kushaal was looking for Shiv around. Radhika was worried, while Riya and Aashi assure her that Ganga and Shiv would soon return safely. Baba finally stands up, allowing Pratab and Jhumki to come forward for Pooja. All at once, they hear Ganga calling Baba near. She had dragged Shiv on a board, and tells Baba Shiv was bitten by a snake. Baba holds Shiv’s hand saying he would be saved, he sends Shiv inside and prepares medicine for him.
Ganga feeds the medicine to Shiv, sure it would act instantly. Kushaal takes Riya outside. Kushaal apologizes Ganga, as the family distrusted her. Shiv believed on her and said Ganga can’t do this, he left behind her as soon as the idol was found as well. Ganga later comes across Savitri, Savitri asks Ganga what she got doing this all? Ganga says she got her husband’s trust, which means greater than anything for her.
Shiv opens his eyes, Radhika asks if he is fine. Shiv replies he is fine. Everyone was happy. Ganga thanks Baba for saving Shiv. Baba says Shiv is alive only because of Ganga, Shiv has been lucky to have a wife like hers again. For him, Ganga has one all the testimonies and challenges till now, as she fulfilled all her responsibilities well. He was testifying Ganga, and his faith over Ganga has increased. He tells Shiv he has got his Parvati back. Shiv sits up, Ganga bends to take Baba’s blessings, and pays her with price money. Ganga joins her hands saying she is not a good wife, she doesn’t remember anything from her past life, even the rounds she had taken with Shiv.


Gangaa 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baba makes Ganga and Shiv take their wedding vows again. The next morning, Ganga offers Shiv biscuits which slips from his hand. Both bend together and hit their heads, Ganga bangs her head with his again.

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