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Gangaa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Gangaa 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shiv leaves Pratab beating himself. Pratab was happy that villagers are his side this time.
There, villagers cursed Ganga for ruining the respect of the whole village. They had moved to attack Ganga but Shiv comes between. The villagers demand Shiv of justice. Shiv says they are thinking it all wrong. The villagers call Shiv MathaDesh, and someone like him can never be a MathaDesh. One of them throw a stone that hits Ganga’s head. Shiv comes to wrestle the villagers. Savitri thinks she must now stop this fight and leave the matter to Panchayat.

Everyone goes to Panchayat. The widows accuse Shiv for marrying a widow. The villagers demand for justice for themselves. Shiv says fate made him and Ganga meet, he married on his father’s consent but had to take the responsibility of his wife. Whatever he has done is not against their believes. The villagers accuse Ganga for agreeing to stay with Shiv even when Sagar was alive. Ganga speaks that she was and she is pure today, she considered herself as Shiv’s wife because she was told so. Now, she denies accepting Shiv as her husband. Everyone including Shiv was shocked. Ganga says she didn’t remember anything, but now she recognizes herself. She doesn’t accept being Shiv’s wife. She wants to live as Sagar’s widow, it is her right and no one can take this right from her. She accuses Shiv for filling her hairline without her consent. She is used to living in white dress, fate has again brought her with widows. She always wanted to fight for the rights of widows, today she demands her right as a widow. Savitri sides Ganga, and says society would never accept the relation between Shiv and Ganga.

The Panchayat member stops Ganga and says Shiv filled her hairline. They realize Shiv and Ganga stayed within a single roof, they can’t part ways so easily. Sindoor has a value in their eyes. Ganga asks what he means. The Panch says they have decided that Shiv and Ganga must stay with each other for one month; during this time they must decide if they want to live together or part ways. Panchait would then decide upon their consent. Savitri questions how her son can marry a widow, Ganga also denies accepting this decision. She wants to live as Sagar’s widow. The Panch announces the punishment for Ganga. Ganga was ready to accept any of the punishments. The member announces not only Ganga but the whole Jhaa family must leave the village. Savitri thinks the matter is being ruined. The Panchait announces a boycott against their family if they don’t accept the decision of Panchait.

Savitri comes to Ganga and cry in front of her, requesting to come along her. She pleads for not being able to bear such disgrace only because of Ganga. Ganga agrees to go with Savitri and accepts Panchait’s decision.

Savitri comes home. Riya stood with the thaal to welcome Ganga inside. Ganga denies being her sister in law. She clarifies to Riya she would only stay in this house for one month. Dai Maa sits to pour water in red color. Ganga cries watching it as she remembers her wedding with Sagar. Shiv had come to stand behind her. She was disturbed by all the recent developments. She walks inside the house without stepping into the color and goes to pour water over herself washing her sindoor off. She announces a widow is never welcomed into the house.


Gangaa 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganga removes her bangles and asks Shiv for a while dress. Shiv brings Ganga Astia of Sagar. Ganga requests him not to fill her life with colors.

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