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Gangaa 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Gangaa 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

At night, Kushal was waiting for Jhumki to get halwa near the tree. He was excited as Jhumki brings a bowl. She confirms if her wish would be fulfilled, would she get a good news home before others? Kushal tells her to leave now, her wish would be granted. Jhumki cheerfully turns thinking she has won over Riya as well.
The next morning, Shiv comes outside where Ganga was preparing tea. He thinks about Savitri’s talk last night and was lost in his thoughts. Ganga gets tea for her. He tells Ganga not to prepare tea for him, he likes doing it by himself. He wants it to let it be how it works. He stands to leave, asking her not to come for school work as well. Ganga was worried. Dai Maa comes outside and asks if she was touched by Shiv’s behavior. She tells Ganga what Savitri said to Shiv about forgetting Parvati. Ganga says Shiv has a right to smile as well. Dai Maa was upset that Savitri wants Shiv to always remain sad for Parvati. Shiv was always a happy person, he was never bitter; she gets really upset watching him. Ganga loses her balance, Dai Maa was concerned if she is fine. Ganga replies she is fine and moves on.
Riya comes to the kitchen to take the medicine bottle Kushal had placed. Jhumki watches her and brings out a bottle, saying Riya took the fake bottle.
In the evening, Shiv asks Dai Maa about Ganga. Dai Maa says Ganga is really weak, it’s better if she takes rest. He watches Ganga coming outside with her bedding, he asks what she is doing. Ganga says they are tied with 7 promises, she must stay where he lives. Shiv insists on her to go inside, it’s not good for her health to stay outside. Ganga was stubborn. Shiv helplessly watches her, then agrees to go inside with her. Ganga cheers. Both walk into the room. Shiv says to Ganga he would sleep on the floor, she can sleep over the bed. Ganga says its enough for her how much Shiv has agreed for. Ganga prepares her bedding on the other side of bed on floor, both can watch each other through the distance.
The next morning, Savitri watches Shiv sleep with his second wife in Parvati’s room and wonders how soon Shiv has changed. The next morning, Shiv wakes up to realize about his surroundings, then last night stubbornness of Ganga. He smiles as he watches her sleep and turns the alarm off not to disturb Ganga. He was shocked to see the date and recalls its Parvati’s death anniversary. He was upset about not remembering the date, and wonders what if he forgets Parvati. Ganga wakes up as Shiv leaves the room.
Savitri was conducted Pooja for Parvati. Shiv comes in. Savitri says he must have forgotten about her death anniversary, but she has prepared for Parvati’s Pooja. She asks him to sit for Havan. During the Pooja, Ganga runs after Dai Maa and asks her about the complete story of Parvati. Dai Maa says Shiv always repent for not stopping Parvati to go to a place. But after Parvati’s death, Shiv locked that house. Ganga asks what house is it about. Dai Maa tells Ganga no one lives in that house, it has a number of flowers and plants, and she loved that place. Then one day, she didn’t return alive, maybe she had fallen down from the roof and lost her life by injury on her head. Ganga asks if she was alone there. Dai Maa says Shiv is only sad because he couldn’t save her. Ganga was sure to bring Shiv out of this pain, he must not hold himself responsible for whatever happened.
Ganga walks towards the old house. Ganga feels this seems to be the place Dai Maa was discussing about. The gate had been locked. Ganga holds a stone to break the lock using a heavy stone.
There, Sagar was travelling in a public transport jeep.
Inside the lawn, there were numerous plants. Radhika comes from behind. Ganga was afraid at once. Radhika asks Ganga why she came over alone, she will get punished. Ganga asks what punishment. Radhika says she must bring a chocolate for her daily, play with her as well. She slips by a stone. Ganga notices blood stain over a wall, as if someone rubbed over it. She holds Radhika taking her home. Shiv was putting herbal ointment over Radhika’s feet angrily. He scolds Ganga for not abiding by the rules everyone follow, there is a reason no one is allowed to go there. He leaves angrily. Savitri asks Ganga why she went there, why she always hurt Shiv and remind him of Parvati. Everyone leave. Radhika apologizes Ganga. Ganga assures its not her mistake and goes to bring milk turmeric for her.
In the kitchen, Ganga was thoughtful about the stain on wall. She breaks ketchup bottle and while cleaning it over the floor she wonders can it be blood stains. It seems as someone dragged an injured person along it, the wonders what if Parvati didn’t fell off the roof and someone killed her before throwing her off the roof. She denies the thoughts, saying Shiv must have been aware about it otherwise. Everyone appreciates Parvati, who would kill her and why. She rejects the thoughts about it as well. Dai Maa comes to inform Ganga about Holi function, and tells her to prepare for it.
Sagar cried, looking around for Ganga.


Gangaa 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Sagar spots Ganga running across the streets calling Shiv. He tells the driver to stop the car. Shiv’s jeep comes in the way, Sagar has an accident. Everyone gather around including Shiv. Ganga also moves there.


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