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Ghulaam 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam  10th February 2017 video watch online on

Minister gives money to Shivvani as muh dikhayi and asks her to get him new dishes when they meet next. Bhisima says law bends in front of him. Veer asks Shviani to go in now.

Maldawali looks at clip of Rangeela saving Shivani and gets excited. She goes out and asks Ranngeela to come into her room as she has some work. He says he will send Ajeeth. She says she is boss and he is servant, so he has to obey her. She says she will come in some time. She rushes to her room, takes out suitcase from above cupboard ad waits for Rangeela. Rangeela comes. She asks him to keep suitcase on cupboard. He walks in. She closes door. When he climbs on chair and she touches him acting as stopping him from falling. Jageera enters and fumes seeing Rangeela, asks what is Ghulam doing here. She says she called him to lift suitcase. He says she would have called him. She says he cannot lift it.

Shivani gets high fever. Rashmi applies cold compresses on her forehead. Shivani cries that her mamaji never did wrong in life, but he had to suffer because of her, she wants to meet him.

Manmeet falls in water well. Villagers gather and plead to save him. Jageera acts and shouts where Rangeela is. Veer also reaches. Rangeela enters and jumps into river. Manmeet tries to drown him and pushes him into water. Maldawali comes and Jajeer stops her. She pleads to let her go as Manmeet will not listen to anyone. Veer lets her go. She asks Manmeet to get out. Manmeet agrees. Rangeela gets him out. Jageer reminisces Rangeela witih Maldawali and taunts him that he was boasting his duty is to serve, whether it is malik or mlakin, he provoked Manmeet to jum into well and push Rangeela in. This time he escaped, but he cannot next time.

Bhisma orders servants to tie Manmeet. Manmeet pleads to give him drugs. Bhisma says no and he wants to know who sent him near well. Jageer tells he will get him drugs. Veer confronts so he gives him drugs. Jageer says he was not till now, but will from hereon. Veer tries to hit him. Jageer shouts he can punish his brother but not his wife who revealed their family secret t outsiders. Bhisma says he will punish Shivani and asks her to put her hand in honeybee comb. Shivani resists. Rangeela tries to force her hand into comb. Manmeet shouts he will keep his hand first as he is not getting drugs. Bhisma orders he to stay away. Manmeet throws something on comb and bees spread all around. Veer orders Rangeela to throw comb out. Rangeela does.

While having food, Shivani does not eat food and requests Gulguli to let her meet Mamaji. Gulguli shouts that she cannot dare disobey her and cannot meet her mamaji.

Precap: Rangeela requests Doc to save his friend and take as much money as he wants. Doc asks to get O negative blood. Shivani resists to eat food. Maldawali says she is arrogant than Manmeet, what is her blood group. Shivani says O negative.

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