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Ghulaam 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Radhika is forced to get ready as bride. Manmeet fixes sehra on Rangeela. Rashmi brings bride. Jageer asks where is Shivani. Maldawali says she will com. Manmeet brings Rangeela and asks him to think again if he really wants to marry. Jageer once groom sits in mantap, his wife Maldawali will spray perfume on groom’s clothes. Maldawali walks to Rangeela and asks if he read what she wrote and sprays perfume. Jageer gets happy that Rangeela is dead. Rangeela gets up. Jageer gets tensed. Rangeela throws his sehra thinking he troubled Shivani a lot, not anymone.

Radhika and her family point gun on everyone and say they are lady STF officers and have come to free their commondo Aryan. Bhisma laughs hat belan/roller looks good in their hands. Shivani taunts Bhisma that they think women as object and 3 women are making them dance on their tune. Radhika warns Chaudhry that she will kill him. He shouts to try then. Rangeela sprays perfume on Radhika and she collapses. Gun battle ensuses. Women shoot. Rangeela sends family away. Women throw tear gas and escape out in a car with Radhika. Rangeela follows them on bike and stops them near gate. He points gun at them and says he had promised them to drop them out of Berahampur safely and will fulfill his promise. He gives them gun and asks not to stop at any checkpost. They salute him. He says he should salute them instead for protecting country. They leave. Rangeela acts as trying to start his bike unsuccessfully and tells guards that they escaped. He takes walkie talkie and asks guards at check posts not to stop women in white car as he has laid trapped for them.

Gulguli provokes sarkar that always they fall in trouble and Rangeela saves them, looks like he plans attacks.


Ghulaam 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer challenges men whoever can withstand him for 1 minute, he will get them married to a woman in palanquin. A woman is brought in palanquin.

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