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Ghulaam 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

Rangeela leaves haveli. Shivani tries to run behind him, but Gulguli tries to stop her. Shivani frees herself and runs behind Rangeela. Gulguli shouts to catch her. Jageer says let her go, she knows her limit is till the main door of this haveli. Shivani stops Rangeela and pleads to take her along. He says because of her, he lost his respect in Berahampur, did he ask her to hug her in front of everyone. She nods no. He asks did he ever consider her as wife. She nods no. He says because of her, his malik was humiliated, he could not see his maalik’s sad face. She says continues weeping and says she is his wife, he should take her along. He says because of her, he cannot look at his maalik now and walks away. She thinks if he turns back, he will take her along. He stops and thinks he should look at haveli once, but then thinks if he sees haveil, he may not be able to go away and leaves silently. Shivani tries to run behind him, but guards stop him.

Rangeela travels in taxi with his amma. Amma enjoys scenery outside. He asks her to sleep for sometime. She says no, touches him and says he is having fever. He says he is fine. They reach another city and rent a house. Amma says she does not like this house and wants to go back to her people. He says this house is good and thinks he left all his earned money in Berahampur itself and should find work tomorrow.

Jageer locks Shivani in a cage and she pleads to get her out. Bhisma comes and asks why did he lock Shivani in cage. Jageer says it is amma’s order. Gulguli says she does not want Shivani to run away. Bhisma warns Shivani if she tries to run away, she will hear her mamaji’s shouts till her, he will drag mamaji in wrestling ground and break his bones. Shivani sits silently. Manmeet comes and says even he wants to stay in cage and tries to enter it. Guards pull him out and Bhisma orders to send Manmeet to his room.

Maldawali wakes up from sleep hearing Rangeela’s voice and asks where is he. He says he is around her. She searches around. He asks her to close her eyes, he will come in front of her. She closes eyes. Jageer comes and hugs her from behind. She gets tensed seeing him. He mimics Rangeela’s dialogues and asks how is his mimicry, now their enemy is kicked out of Berahampur.

Rangeela lying on bed reminisces Shivani being tortured by Gulguli. He thinks he cannot go back to Berahampur and will have to find a job tomorrow. In the morning, Rangeela goes out and sees his friend Parvez trying to start his bike. He repairs bike. Parvez gets impressed. Rangeela thanks him for lending his house and says he did not give him rent yet. Parvez says Rangeela is his friend, there is no question of rent and says he will get Rangeela a mechanic job. Rangeela says he wants to earn a lot by doing a risky job. Parvez says he will take him somewhere tonight.

Rashmi gets food for Shivani. Shivani continues weeping. Maldawali comes and tells Veer woke up and does not what he will do. Veer comes down with Gulguli asking how can Rangeela go without informing him. Gulguli sy Rangeela got very adamant and left. She asks what to do with Shivani. He opens door and enters cage asks to arrange for a party tonight and call whole Berahampur.


Ghulaam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer tells Shivani that he decorated bathtub for their suhagraat and their suhagrat is the first one to be celebrated in bathtub. Shivangi gets tensed and moves back. Veer warns that he will count till 3.

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