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Ghulaam 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vee reminisces Rangeela rescuing Shivani and fumes in front of Gulguli that Rangeela is in Shivani’s love, so he rescued her. He angrily breaks things. Maldawali asks him to calm down. Jageer enters.

Bhisma gets a call from sarpanch who asks when is swayamvar. Bhisma asks whose swaywamar. Sarpanch says Veer had called and invited him for swayamwar tomorrow, when is it. Bhisma says he will check with Veer and inform him. He angrily goes to Veer’s room and asks why he is coming on his way repeatedly. Veer says he arranged surprise swayamwar for their entertainment and also ordered new clothes for them, Bhisma just has to wear them and sit tomorrow. Bhisma asks whose swayamwar it is. Veer says it is a surprise.

Next morning, people gather for swayamwar. Sarpanch comes and Bhisma gets him sit nex to him on sofa. Shivani is brought in palanquin. Veer says it is her swayamwar. Everyone are surprised to see Veer’s wife. Veer says he did not touch her yet and she is still virgin. Whoever can withstand him for 1 min in wrestling ground can marry Shivani.

Rangeela searches his amma everywhere and does not find her. He calls Balam and asks if he found amma. Balam says no. Rangeela finds amam’s bangle on ground and thinks amma is somewhere around. He finds locked godown and breaks lock with gunshot. He then enters godown searching amma.

Veer fights with aspirant grooms and defeats them all. Inebriated doctor says he needs wife and will fight. Veer laughs on him. Manmeet requests Veer to stop this drama and not insult family’s bahu. Veer orders his goons to take Manmeet away. A midget challenges and says he needs groom. Veer says he will die unnecessarily. A man says his 5 sons will fight and marry Shivani. Veer fights with them and purposefully gets defeated. Man asks Shivani to dance while his sons get ready for marriage. Jageer confronts man how dare he is to think of getting their family bahu dance. Bhisma also warns him.

Rangeela finds amma tied in godown and frees her. His friend calls him and informs that Veer has organized Shivani’s swayamwar. Shivani prays god on the other side to send Rangeela soon. Rangeela enters on his bike. Veer says he came on time and asks him to get Shivani danced in front of everyone.

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