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Ghulaam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Parvez takes Rangela to underground street fight and announces that his friend Rangeela will fight today. He asks Rangeela to vent out his anger and earn money. Rangeaela chants his usual dialogue, he will run boat without water and electricity without wire, will knock out opponent in a single punch. Parvez challenges who will dare to fight with Rangeela. A man comes and says he is Rajan ashiq and he will fight. Parvez collects 40,000 rs bet money. Rangeela starts fighting and trashes opponent. Rajan says he is not a fighter but an lover and wants to win fight to gift 20,000 rs worth ring to his girlfriend. Rangeela stop trashing and asks him to thrash him. Rajan starts thrashing Rangeela and Rangeela falls down. Everyone are shocked. Rangeela murmurs he lost and love won.

Veer drags Shivani to a bathroom and says today, they will celebrate their suhagraat here, instead of bed they will use bath tub and instead of flowers, they will use shower. Shivani moves back crying. Veer warns her to submit herself to him till he counts 3. Shivani hugs him. He gets happy and hugs her. She cries, but smiles in front of him and silently moves back. He turns towards bathtub. She picks rod and hits his head repeatedly and he collapses into bathtub. Shivani shouts nobody can break her love.

Shivani then gets worried for Veer’s life and pulls him out of bathtub. She rushes to Manmeet’s room and informs him that she injured Veer and he is in bathroom, to save him soon. Manmeet rushes to bathroom and rushes out lifting Veer. Gulguli continues shouting Shivani injured her son. Bhisma shoots bullets in air and shouts he will not spare Shivani. He walks into Manmeet’s room and searches her. Rashmi hides her in cupboard. Bhisma is about to open cupboard door when Manmeet stops him and says Veer is profusely bleeding and they need to rush him to hospital. Bhisma walks out. Manmeet loudly says Shivani she did not right by hitting his brother and if she comes out, they will shoot her, signalling Rashmi not to let Shivani out.

Parvez announces Rajan as winner and gives him 40000 rs winning money. Rajan thanks Rangeela and takes him along and insists to become his elder brother and talk about his alliance to his girlfriend’s parents. They reach girlfriend’s house and see 2 men kidnapping her. Rangeela ask who are they. Parents say Berahampur’s people ruthlessly kidnap girls and torture them. Rangeela says by morning, their daughter will be home. He calls Parvez and informs that 2 men kidnapped a girl in black jeep, they need to save girl.

Manmeet admits Veer in a hospital. Bhisma warns doc to treat his son soon, else he will not spare him. Doc yells in English. Manmeet hears that and confronts him English, revealing he is well educated. Doc apologizes him.

Gulguli searches Shivani in whole house. Maldawali sees Rashmi tensed and asks if she hid Shivani. Gulguli notices Rashmi’s facial expression, pulls her hair and drags her to room and warns Shivani to come out, else she will torture Rashmi. Shivani comes out. Gulguli slaps her. Bhimsa calls Gulguli and informs that Veer is fine now and recovering. Gulguli says she wants to punish Shivani very ruthlessly.


Ghulaam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela gets Balam’s call who informs that Shivani injured Veer and situation is worse here. Veer fumes how dare Shivani is to hit maalik.

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