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Ghulaam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer hangs Phantom and Khushi in the middle of village. Phantom pleads to kill him, but spare Khushi as she is not from this village. Veer says Khushi’s doctor’s daughter and did a sin with love marriage. Rangeela asks villagers to spare them as doctor served them since so many years. Veer asks whether to spare or kill. Everyone shout kill. Veer orders to lower Kushi and Phantom into water tank. Crane operator obeys him. Rangeela frees himself, kicks out operator and lifts them up. Veer orders goons to capture Rangeela again. They capture Rangeela and tie his hands. Rangeela shouts no Veer…no.. Phantom and Khushi are dropped into water tank and taken out after they die. Rangeela shatters. Doctor cries loudly. Rangeela reminisces Phantom’s words whatever happens, he will be with him and help in changing Berahampur. He thinks he will change berahampur. He takes dead bodies home and cries. Balam asks him not to feel guilty as it was not in his control, he should console doctor.

Manmeet tells Gulguli that Veer did a very heinous act today, he hanged Phantom and his wife on crane and killed them by dropping them into water tank. Maldawali asks if Rangeela did not fight. Manmeet says Rangeela could not do anything as he had to fight 40 villages. Maldawali says Veer provoked a beast in Rangeela and reminds of power outage incident. Gulguli says what Veer did is right, nobody has right to love. If Phantom and Khushi were from same place and community, she would have greeted them and got them married. She will not approve anyone breaking Berahampur’s rules. Manmeet says life is much bigger than anything. He continues confronting and says Rangeela will change mad rituals here and he will help him.

Rangeela continues mourning. Balam prepares cart to carry dead bodies. Rangeela apologizes doctor. Doctor says it was his mistake to get his daughter married so early to get a free time, now he has only free time and no daughter. Rangeela hugs him and consoles. Balam says they have to perform Khushi and Phantom’s last rights.


Ghulaam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Balam tells Rangeela that nobody came forward for help, all are coward. Rangeela says they are not coward, they are afraid of Veer. Shivani says she will help carry Phantom and Khushi’s dead bodies.