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Ghulaam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 14th April 2017 Watch Online on

Rangeela with Rajan enter goons’ den and trashes goons. He frees Rajan’s girlfriend Roshni. Rajan emotionally hugs Roshni and thanks Rangeela. Rangeela says he wants to get them married today itself.

Minister calls Bhisma and says he heard about Veer and is sending a doc for his treatment. Bhisma says thank you. Minister says how can a woman dare to hit a man in Berahampur. Bhisma angrily breaks mobile.

Rangeela returns home and gives sweet box to his amma and says he did a good deed today and got a couple married. He gets Balam’s call who tells that Shivani broke Veer’s head. Rangeela fumes how dare malkin is to break maalik’s head.

Maldawali drags Shivani to wrestling ground. Gulguli yells she hit body builder Veer, now she should show her strength on her. Rashmi pleads to spare Shivani. Gulguli pushes her away and Maldawali drags her aside. Gulguli starts trashing Shivani and challenges to show her strength on her. Shivani pleads to leave her. Gulguli throws her in air repeatedly. Shivani falls down and collapses.

Rangeela reaches hospital to see Veer, but Jageer stops him and yells once he is kicked out of Berahampur, he cannot enter again and continues yelling. Rangeela says he wants to see Veer once. Manmeet sees him and takes him in. He cries seeing Veer’s condition and Bhisma’s helplessness. Jageer drags him away again and says he is responsible for Veer’s condition. If he had not brought Shivani, this would not have happened. Now, he should kill Shivani. Rangeela angrily leaves.

Gulguli yells that Ardh nareshwar maharaj told Shivani is her family’s protective cover, but she tried to kill Veer, so she has to die. She orders Maldawali to check if she is alive. Maldawali checks and says she is almost died and only a few breaths are remaining. Gulguli orders to throw her away and wait until she dies. Guard throws her in market. Balam brings doctor, but guards don’t let doc to check Shivani and shoo him away. Balam runs to get help and clashes with Rangeela. He says god send him on right time to save Shivani. Rangeela walks towards Shivani. Shivani wakes up and emotionally tells she knew he would come to save her. Rangeela says he came to kill her and warns guards not to stop him, else nobody will be alive. He lifts Shivani. Balam warns him not to do anything wrong. Rangeela says today Shivani will die.


Ghulaam 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer wakes up and tells Manmeet that nobody dared to touch him in wrestling ground and Shivani hit him from behind. He looks himself in mirror and shouts Shivani spoilt his face, now he will ruin Shivani’s life.

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