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Ghulaam 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Shivani hiding her face in a shawl tries to leave haveli to search mamaji. Guard stops her and asks who is she. She says she is Gulguli’s massager. Guard says she can go. Shivani starts searching mamaji in whole house. Rangeela pleads Maldawali to tell who has O negative blood. She asks him to get into her room and lying on bed trying to lure him with a song and her sensuous moves. She turns and sees Jageer standing instead and gets angry. Jageer asks why did she stop her song, he has found a ved/ayurvedic doc who can cure him and he has already started taking medicines.

Rangeela with his friends ties blood bank workers and orders them to call their aides and get O negative blood. Shivani enters and asks why is he torturing them, she has O negative blood. Rashmi comes and tries to take her back. Rangeela’s friend stops her and says she cannot go without giving blood. Rangeela stops him and lets Shivani and Rashmi go.

Shivani and Rashmi reach back home. Gululi shouts where they had gone. Maldwali says she had sent Shivani for a walk so that she can get hungry and have some food. Gulguli orders Shivani to go and peel onions now. Balam’s wife Manju comes and holding Gulguli’s legs pleads to save her husband’s life. Gulguli kicks her and yells that she is not worth touching her feet and throws money on her. Manju then goes and pleads Shivani to save her husband. Shivani says how can she get out of house. Rangeela comes and says he will get her out of house and will go against his boss/malik for the first time.

Rangeela slits Shivani’s hand palm and apologizes and then tells his plan that once she shouts, Gulguli will call him for help. He will bandage her hand and Guguli will ask her to rest in her room. He will come to her room via window and take her out, bhabhi should rest on Shivani’s bed wearing her dress and bandage. He silently walks out. Shivani shouts loudly. Manju shouts choti malkin slit her hand. Gulguli calls Rangeela and he banges Shivani’s hand and leaves. Maldawali asks Shivani to go to her room and asks Gulguli if she can inform Veer. Gulguli warns not to trouble Veer.

Doc informs Rangeela’s friends that balam has to be transfused blood within 2 hours, else he cannot guarantee anything.

Rangeela gives hypnotic mixed chocs to guards and they collapse. Rangeela then gets into Shivani’s room via window and tells Shivani that back door is locked and keys are with Gulguli, so she has to come via front door somehow. Shivani walks silently towards door when Maldawali stops her. Rashmi comes and calls her. Shivani walks out and Rangeela is about to take her out when he sees guard and takes Shivani in a dark store room. She gets afraid seeing snake. Rashmi goes back and makes Manju sleep on Shivani’s bed and starts peeling onions. Maldawali asks where is Manju. Rashmi says went home. Maldwali asks where is Shivani. Rashmi says she is unwell and sleeping. Maldawali says she will go and wake her up as Gulguli does not like anyone sleeping during day. Rashmi stops her and signals that she will go and wake up Shivani.

Rangeela gets back to store room and Shivani shouts snake. Rangeela scolds not too make drama. She sees snake again and hugs him tightly. He says he would not have troubled her if he had not need her blood to save Balam and says she has to get into a armory box and he will get her out of Berahampur. She resists. He pleads. She agrees.

Ghulaam 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivani gets into box. Rangeela keeps it in truck and drives truck. He sees a speeding car coming and rams car to a tree.

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