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Ghulaam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer returns home. Gugluli does his aarti. He says as per rituals when Sarkar used to return after punishing someone, family bahus used to does his tilak, he is expecting same, where are others. Jagir comment respect is earned and not snatched by force. Veer comments let it be, sarkar did not consider Jagir as son and he should not bother about rituals. Gulguli asks Maldawali to go and call Rashmi to perform Veer’s tilak. Manmeet says when Rashmi does not want to give even water to Veer, why will she tilak Veer. Veer drags Rashmi and asks Gulguli to order her, else get out of this house. Rashmi confronts and says she has problem, she is suffocating in this house and wants to go out of it. Gulguli slaps Rashmi and yells nobody can forgo this house’s rules. Manmeet says they will not follow and will move to Rangeela. Jageer comments that he will not leave this house. Maldawali says she will tilak veer. She does and comments Veer not to bend tree branch so much that it will break, to handle situation diplomatically. Veer walks away. Gulguli says she is failing in performing her duties. Maldawali asks her to just do as she says, everything will be under control. She thinks now she will run this house according to her wish.

Balam tells Rangeela that there are 2 dead bodies of Phantom and Khushi, but only 3 people, how will they carry them, doctor is in deep sorrow he may not help them, so only 2 of us now. Shivani says she will help them. Rangeela agrees.

Rashmi tensely walks in her room. Manmeet asks her to calm down, if she goes to help Rangeela, she will be in trouble in this situation. Rashmi says Rangeela has lost his friend and is in deep sorrow, he has only Shivani as moral support and need dear ones. Rangeela, Balam, and Shivani carry dead body with great difficult. Rashmi and Manmeet rush to their help and hold carts. Guards point gun on them. Manmeet warns that he is also having same blood which their boss has, if they don’t let them perform last rights with respect, he will kill them.

Veer fumes hearing about Manmeet and Rashmi helping Rangeela. Jageer as usual adds oil in fire and provokes. Veer says this did not happen in sarkar’s rule and Gulguli has to punish them. Gulguli agrees.

Rangeela and team performs Phantom and Kushi’s last rights and apologizes Phantom for not saving them. He reminisces Phantom always being on his side and promising he will never leave him alone. He says this burning fire has taught him the value of life and if god has decided to see him defeated, he will. Shivani prays god to not let Rangeela lose and help him. Cremation completes. Rangeela continues sitting in deep sorrow. Balam asks him to come along. Raneela asks him to take everyone home. Shivani asks what about him. he says he will spend some time with his friend. She says they will wait for him. He says no need, he wants to be alone. Manmeet says he will take them home then, hugs Rangeela and apologizes for Veer’s sin.

Veer parties with panchs and boasts whoever will oppose him will die, he is Berahampur’s god now.


Ghulaam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela returns home with Khushi and Phantom’s ash pots. Balam says Veer came and took Shivani with him.