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Ghulaam 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 15th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Rangeela requests Shivani to get into armour box. She gets into it. He asks if she can breathe. She says yes. He says they will reach hospital in 30 min. He loads box into truck and asks driver to take it. Driver says yes Rangeela then asks if he did not attend his friend’s marriage. Driver says he has to deliver these boxes. Rangeela asks him to go and enjoy with his friends, he ill deliver boxes. Diver agrees and leaves. Rangeela drives truck. Shivani prays Bholenath that she is going to save someone’s life, so god should protect her mamaji and let her meet him soon. Rangeela sees a speeding car in opposite direction and rams truck to a tree. Fire breaks out and all boxes fall down. Shivani starts soffocating due to fire. Rangeela gets out of truck with great difficulty searches each box. Sivani falls unconscious in box. Rangeela continues searching Shivani’s box and shouts malkin….He then sees holed box and gets unconscious Shivani out, takes her nearby tree and tries to wake her up. He runs and gets water and splashes on her. She does not wake up even then. He thinks she cannot breathe and gives her mouth-to-mouth breathing. Sh does not wake up even then. He then sees temple in front and carries her towards temple

Gulguli sees no one cutting onions and calls Maldawali. Maldawali comes with facepack on. Gulguli yells that what is the use of this if she cannot bear a child even after so many years of marriage. She then asks where is Shivani. Maldawali says she must be sleeping as Veer is not at home. Gululi asks asks her to grind some chillies while she gets Shivani. Rashmi sees her going towards Shivani’s room and acts as slipping and twisting her legs, shouts loudly. Gulguli gets down and Maldwali tries to correct her sprain.

Rangeela takes Shivani to temaple and hitting bell and confronts god to save Shivani and his friend Balam. His friend calls and says Balam is sinking and to save him somehow. Rangeela continues pleading god. Sadhu comes and says he sshould not complain god and pray god with true heart. Rangeela takes damru and stats playing it. A snake geets out of shivji’s idol and sucks Shivani’s poisonous blood. Shivani wakes up. Sadhu signals Rangeela. Rangeela rushes to Shivani and rubs her hands. Shivani reminisces suffocating and falling unconscious in box. Rangeela apologizes god. Shivani asks who did she come here. Rangeela says he pushed her towards death, but Bholenath saved her life. They both pray god with others around.

Ghulaam 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Rangeela forces Shivani to have food and then donate blood. She says he can take as much blood as he wants, but she will not eat until she meets her mamaji.

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