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Ghulaam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela says Manmeet he does not have to apologize for Veer’s sins, in fact he came and strengthened him. Manmeet says he had to come as he played with Phantom in childhood. Rangeela thanks him.

Gulguli with family waits for Rashmi and Manmeet to return. Jageer thinks they will be punished severely. Manmeet and Rashmi return. Jageer comments. Veer comes out and strangulates Manmeet’s neck shouting they broke haveli’s room and will be punished. Manmeet says only his mother has rights to punish them. Gulguli slaps Rashmi. Veer brings saw and says he will cut Rashmi’s extremities for carrying Phantom’s dead body. Manmeet stands in between again and warns only maa has right to punish them. Maldawali thinks only she has right to punish and stops Veer. She provokes him against Shivani that even she did sin by carrying dead body and should be punished. Veer says both women will be punished.

Rangeela sits holding Phantom’s ashes, reminiscing Phantom’s love and support for him. A sadhu asks why he is sitting there. Rangeela pours his heart out and says he could not save his friend and is sitting holding his ashes, he will change Berahampur’s barbaric laws. Sadhu says with broken heart, he can achieve anything.

Veer reaches outside Rangeela’s house. Guards say they will drag Shivani out. Veers says he wants to enjoy seeing prey coming out herself. He burns dry red chillies and throws inside home. Shivani with Balam and doctor suffocates and comes out. Veer trashes Balam and doctor and kidnaps Shivani. He takes her to haveli. Maldawali slaps Shivani and yells she did a big sin by going with Rangeela and now breaking haveli’s rules. Veer and Gulguli laugh.

Rangeela returns home holding Rashmi and Khushi’s ashes. Phantom informs him that Veer kidnapped Shivani by throwing burning chillies inside home. Rangeela takes oath to free Shivani from Veer’s grip.


Ghulaam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela with Balam throws bomb into Veer’s haveli and hides. Guards shoot in air. Rangeela says whatever it happens, he will get Shivani out of haveli.