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Ghulaam 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Veer continues overpowering Rangeela in wrestling ground and throwing him repeatedly. Shivani pleads Bhisma to stop Veer. Gululi says what kind of woman she is, her husband is winning and she wants to save loser. Bhisma orders Veer to spare Rangeela and says he proved he is really brave. Rangeela writhes in hand pain lying on ground. Gululi orders Shivani to o Veer’s aarti. Shivani does same. Veer smirks and says he could not get her bitten by dog, but hurt her hear though.

Back in room, Shivani cries in front of Rashmi that she cannot see Rangeela like this. Gulguli enters and asks for whom she is crying. Shivani says for dear ones. Gulguli says forget her old family, this is her new family. She gives herbal pack and asks to apply it on face and extremities and after removing it, drop it in holi fire tonight and wish for a baby. Shivani while applying pack tells Rashmi that she hated Rangeela a lot, but when Balam described Rangeela’s story, she felt pity for him.

At night, Bhisma burns holi fire. Gulguli orders to drop their herbal pack in fire and pray. Maldawali prays she needs Rangeela. Rashmi prays to reunite her with Raghav. Shivani prays to clear her hatred for Rangeela and she wants to be his wife forever.

Veer comes to his room calling baby doll and sees her on table. He asks what happened. She says dog. He says he tied dog away, she can come and sleep on bed. She says she is fine here. He says until he permits, she cannot sleep on table. He gets her photo carboard, keeps it next to table and shoots it. He orders Shivni to come down. She says no. He thinks if Shivani falls and breaks her legs, amma will scold him, so let her stay no table.

Manmeet writhes in pain due to not using drug for the day. He scolds Rashmi that if he feels pain, even she should feel pain. He orders her to lash him. She does same. Maldwali passes by, clicks pics and slaps Rashmi and yells at her and sends to get water. Rashmi stops though. Maldawali gives drugs to Manmeet, but he refuses and says he took amma’s oath.

In the morning, Madwali gets ready and helps Shivani to get ready to greet Ardhnareshwar mahraj. She tells Gulguli that she wants to tell something. Rashmi gets tensed that she will brainwash gulguli, but Maldawali tells she will tell later. Shivani asks Gulguli if she can meet mamaji and celebrate holi. Gulguli does not permit.

Precap: Ardhnareshwar maharaj enters Berahampur. Everyone chant his name. He explains when someone becomes Ardhnareshwar.

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