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Ghulaam 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela confronts Veer that he is playing with death since childhood and it could not harm him, now he wants to take appointment with death. Bhisma scolds him that he has gone mad, go home and rest, come back tomorrow and apologize Veer. Rangeela calls him Chaudhry saheb and says no. Bhisma is shocked hearing his changed tone. Rangeela gives loaded gun to Veer and says he will walk from haveli door till wrestling ground door and Veer can shoot all 6 bullets into him and kill him, but if he escapes, he will change Berahampur’s map. Veer laughs that he has gone mad. Bhisma thinks Veer will kill Rangeela easily, says Rangeela served them all these years, so they can spare him. Gulguli orders Veer to kill Rangeela.

Rangeela walks. Shivani says even she is coming with him. Manmeet asks her not to get killed between Rangeela and Veer’s fight. She says she is Rangeela’s wife and her duty is to walk with her husband till her death. A romantic song plays in the background. She holds Rangeela’s hand and walks thinking she is getting happiness dying with Rangeela than staying with Veer. They both walk till wresting ground. Gulguli orders Veer to shoot Rangeela. Rangeela thinks he has to listen to air movement carefully and escape. Veer shoots. Rangeela bends. Veer shoots down and Rangeela jumps. Veer shoots 3 more bullets on Shivani and Rangeela saves her. Veer then shoots Shivani’s leg. Rangeela beas it and saves Shivani. Rangeela says he promised for 6 bullets and shot all 6, he is alive even now and now he will change Berahampur. He walks towards gate with Shivani. Gulguli orders Veer again to shoot Rangeela. Veer points gun, but throws it and says real enjoyment is playing with prey and then killing it.


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Rangeela walks limping to temple. Balam and Manju notice him. Rangeela apologizes Bholenath ji for getting misled, from today only Bholenath ji is his god. Pandit is about to apply tilak to Rangeela when Veer’s goons stop him and send in. Balam applies tilak. Rangeela stops seeing something.

Gulguli angrily walks into her room and picks gun. Maldawali tries to stop her, but Gulguli warns she will kill her. Maldawali says it is her duty to control berahampur men and not lose control herself. Gulguli shouts Rangeela and Shivani will die. Maldawali pleads again, but Gulgulli points gun on her and leaves. Bhisma sees her going and stops her. She tries to walks again, but Bhisma slaps her and drags her in.

Veer takes hot bath and reminisces Rangeela challenging him. He shouts. On the othe side, Rangeela picks orange flag and fixes it on temple in place of Berahampur’s black flag, thinks today he is freeing Berahampur from ghulami.


Ghulaam 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer shoots doctor and address people that they will all die if they help Rangeela. Raangeela challenges him to fight and delivers his usual one-liner.

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