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Ghulaam 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 17th February 2017 video watch online on

Rangeela tells sleeping Shivani that Maldawali knows that she came out and before she informs Veer and creates any drama, he has to return Shivani back home soon. Rangeela’s friend informs him that Balam gained consciousness after blood transfusion. Shivani also wakes up. He asks how is she now. She says she is fine. They both go to Balam’s room and meet him. Balam says he is indebted to Rangeela. Rangeela says his friend that he will drop Shivani before Veer returns in boxes.

A mad lady climbs tree and tries to shoot a man pestering her. People gather down and shout someone call Rangeela. Rangeela reaches in a truck with boxes behind and Shivani hiding behind boxes. Lady slips, Rangeela runs and holds her and takes gun from her. He asks man what did he do. Man says he wanted to see her gun and snatched it. She threw stone and started shooting bullets on him. Rangeela warns him that she is his mother and nobody should mess with her. Shivani hears that silently hiding behind boxes. She then sees Veer and Bhisma’s jeep and gets worried that they will reach home before her.

Veer and Bhisma enter home angrily and after freeing Gulguli shout who dare to tie Gulguli. Manmeet puffing drug cigargette comes and says he tied her. Bhisma angrily slaps him. Manmeet laughs that he can slap him more. Gulguli stops him and says Manmeet has gone more dangerous and Bhisma can punish him, but he remember that Manmeet is their son. She asks Rashmi to be careful and keep bell with her to alert people when Manmeet troubles her.

Veer goes to his room and calls baby doll/Shivani. He shouts charsi/drug addict Manmeet is creating drama, but she is sound asleep. He does not find her in room and informs everyone that his wife is missing. Rangeela brings Shivani under boxes and asks her to rush in via back door. Shivani says he told back door is locked. He says it is open now. She runs in. Veer searches Shivani in house and finds her cutting onion in kitchen.

Rangeela returns and greets Bhisma. Bhisma shouts where did he go when charsi Manmeet tied Gulguli. He says Balam is in hospital, so he had gone there. Bhisma asks who gave him permission. Rangeela says malkin/Gulguli. Bhisma shouts at Guguli next that only man can take decision in his house and woman is just confined to kitchen and bed. Gulguli repeats and walks away sadly. Maldawali stops Rangeela and says he promised to help her, so he should right now follow her to her room. She walks and stands tensed.


Ghulaam 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer asks Sihvani if she is afraid, she can sleep next to him. She says no. He says get out then. She goes out and someone kidnaps her.

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