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Ghulaam 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivani bandages Rangeela’s gunshot wound, and he shouts in pain. Balam asks him to bear pain for some time, Phantom must be coming with doctor. Rangeela says he is having severe pain in back. Shivani keeps his head in her lap and cries. Manju brings hot water compress and asks Shivani to apply it on Rangeela’s back. Rangeela continues writhing in pain.

Bhisma ties Gulguli to a chair and scolds how dare she is to disobey him and wanted to kill ghulam. She yells he is worried about a Ghulam than is son Veer. Bhisma fumes she did not stop Veer when he disobeyed his father. Maldawali loudly calls Gulgulli and Bhisma and says look what Veer did to himself. Bhisma goes out and sees Veer’s hot water burn injuries. He scolds if he as gone mad. Jageer comments. Veer laughs and says Rangeela wants to die, so he will kill him. Jageer smirks that Rangeela will die for sure.

Phantom brings doctor, but Veer’s goon stops them entering Rangeela’s house. Phantom and Balam try to convince goon, but he gets adamant. Rangeela also comes out limping and asks to let doctor in. Veer comes and warns whoever tries to help Rangeela will be shot dead. He shoots doc and kills him. Rangeela challenges to fight with him instead of killing innocent people. Veer laughs on him and asks to remove bullet himself.

Rashmi requests Manmeet to take even her out of Berahampur. He says he cannot do that, but will when she starts speaking fluently. She requests him to send doctor to Rangeela’s house. He plans something and says doctor will reach Rangeela’s house for sure.


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Rangeela tries to remove bullet with hot knife, but Shivani stops him. Inebriated doctor comes and says he will treat Rangeela. Veer say he will kill him if he tries. Doc cries that he lost his liver, his kidney, etc, but is still alive, he should kill him for sure now. Veer laughs and says he cannot stand on his feet, how will he treat Rangeela. Doctor walks in asking goon to bring his bag. Rangeela thanks him for acting as inebriated to treat him. Doc says Rangeela had helped his daughter in need, he can do anything for Rangeela and even Manmeet helped him. Rangeela says Shivani that still humanity is alive in haveli.


Ghulaam 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor removes bullet from Rangeela’s leg. Phantom says Veer disconnected electricity. Doctor warns not to let sweat enter Rangeela’s wound.

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