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Ghulaam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 18th April 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Rangeela’s friend comes to haveli. Maldawali asks where is Rangeela. He says he does not know. She says not to act, he knows where Rangeela is, inform Rangeela that Sarkar has calle him in store room. He informs Rangeela that Sarkar wants to meet him in store room. Rangeela thinks why.

Commondo Aryan enters Berahampur and reminisces earlier incident, how he escaped Berahampur. He thinks now Veer and Rangeela are not here, he will see how will Sarkar escape. He disguises in moustache and beard and specs and attacks haveli

Rangeela enters store room and thinks why Sarkar called him here. He sees bag, checks it, and finds it full of jewelry. Maldawali enters and throws money bundle in front of him. She gives him gun and says it is all his, she just wants him to love her. He asks her to tell this to her husband and not him. She says she wants him and not her husband. He hears bullet sound and rushes out picking guns.

Aryan attacks haveli. Bhisma counter attacks. Jageer hides behind pillar and panics in fear. Bhisma asks him to guard door, he will cover other side. Gulguli pushes Rashmi out and says Bhisma that they will cover Rashmi and escape. Bhisma she knows he does not use woman to protect himself and asks her to get in. He continues counterfiring and his bullets finish. He throws gun in front of Jageer and asks to fill it and throw back. Jageer continues shivering in fear.

Rangeela enters haveli via back door and thanks Maldawali for getting guns for him. Aryan points guns on Bhisma and orders Jageer to record Bhisma’s confession. He asks Bhisma to confess that he killed commander Raghav and 5 other commandos ruthlessly. Bhisma agrees and says even he will die today. Aryan says without Veer and Rangeela, how will he win. Rangeela rushes and jumps from balcony on Aryan. Aryan falls down. Rangeela keeps his feet on Aryan. Bhisma laughs that Rangeela reaches on time always, he can run electricity without wires and boat without water. He shouts at Jageer he is coward and orders to open door. He runs and opens door. Guards enter. Bhisma orders to kill Aryan. Rangeela says they will not kill him and keep him as lesson for others. Guards drag Aryan away.

Bhisma praises Rangeela and ties pagdi on his head. Rangeela touches his feet and Bhisma hugs him. Jageer and Gulguli fume. Jageer asks Rangeela to leave Berahapur as it is night now. Gulguli gives Rangeela money and says once he left Berahampur, he should not return gain. Rangeela walks towards door. Bhisma stops him and says he will not go anywhere, Berahampur needs a brave warrior like him. Jageer and Gulguli fume in jealousy.

Precap: Rangeela drops Shivani outside Berahampur and says today she killed Ghulam and relived Rangeela, today he frees her.

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