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Ghulaam 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer orders his goon to disconnect Rangeela’s house electricity. Doc tries to remove bullet from Rangeela’s leg when power goes and Balam asks Phantom to go and check. Doctor removes bullet and says Raangeela is fit and fine now. He dresses Rangeela’s wound and asks Shivani to not let sweat go into his wound, else it will get infected. Phantom says Veer has disconnected power. Rangeela thinks Veer wants to fight directly now. Doc asks to throw bullet. Rangeela picks bullet and says he will return this bullet to Veer personally.

Jageer dances that Rangeela is out of his way now, Rangeela became traitor and Veer will kill him. He will even get Veer and Bhisma out of his way and will rule Berahampur. Maldawali asks to first make her happy if he is a male and dance with her. He dances with her and falls down hopping for air. She laughs.

Bhisma mixes something in water and asks Gulguli to drink it and prove that he is most important to her. She shivers. He laughs that she is shivering. She drinks water in one gulp and holding her neck says he is important to her. He laughs and says he did not mix poison and proved that he is important to her.

Phantom brings kerosene oil from store. Veer stops him to enter Rangeela’s house. Phantom confronts. Veer throws kerosene and his goons thrash Phantom. Rangeela comes out and asks Veeer to confront him instead of punishing his friends. Veer laughs if he wants to fight, he is hungry and energlyess how will he fight. An old woman comes and says she will feed her son Rangeela. Rangeela asks her to go away. Veer laughs. Old woman says Veer had killed her son and husband, but Rangeela took care of her like a son, she will feed her son whatever it happens. Ver asks goons to hold woman. They catch her. Woman throws tiffin box towards Rangeela and she catches it. Woman says she did her work and leaves.

Rangeela takes food in. Shivani says food is very less, so Rangeela, Balam, and hantom can have it, she and Manju will drink water. Rangeela says women always sacrifice, even his amma feeds him and sleeps hungry, he will not let this happen. Amman enters afraid. Rangeela asks why did she come back. She says she cannot stay away from him and panics seeing power cut. Rangeela says his amma is afraid of darkness, he will go and fix power. He walks out holding gun. Goons try to stop him. Balam and Phantom handle goons while Rangeela fixes electric wires and power comes. Rangeela thinks he will not let his house or Berahampur in darkness.


Ghulaam 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Balam says Rangeela he should not go to haveli at night. Rangeela says he has to go as Veer tried to trouble his amma.

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