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Ghulaam 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela asks Shvani if her decision of going out of Berahampur is final. She nods yes. Rangeela says when he sent her out, she returned back forcefully, but now she wants to go. She says if she is with him, how will he fight with Veer and change Berahampur for good. Rangeela says even he got worried for a moment, but then he realized she is his support and stands with him when whole world is against him, she will be with him like a companion. Shivangi emotionally holds his hand and smiles. She says sorrows lessen with sharing, they both will exchange their sorrows with each other.

Manmeet feels severe pain due to drug withdrawal symptoms. Rashmi notices that and asks why he is so tensed. He says he is fine. She says it is not easy to leave drug addiction, he can puff 1 cigarette. He says he will be habituated in a few days. She says he will feel good with coffee and will bring it. He walks out. Maldawali stops him and shows drug packet to him. Rashmi feels disheartened seeing it. Veer also notices from a distance. Maldawali makes Manmeet snif drugs and giving his drugs says bhabi should be like her. Manmeet drops drugs on floor. Maldawali asks if he is mad, he threw 50,000 rs worth drugs. Manmeet says whether it is 50,000 rs or 5 lakhs, he left drugs. Maldawali laughs on him and says he is drug addict since years and once left and came back to her pleading, even he will come again. Manmeet says those days are going, he will not have drugs again. Maldawali says let us see. Manmeet drops water on drugs and gives her mug. Rashmi gets very happy and Veer notices standing.

Rangeela asks Shivani if amma is still sleeping. Shivani says yes. Rangeela says good she did not see Phantom’s dead body, else she would not have tolerated it. Phantom returns, gets his wife Manju’s call who informs that he is becoming father. He happily informs Rangeela and Shivani that they are becoming uncle and aunt. Shivani congratulates him. Rangeela hugs him and says nature shows so many emotions, he is sorrow losing his friend on one side and is happy hearing this good news on the other side. Balam says if a boy is born, he will name him as Phantom and if girl Khushi. He goes to bring Manju.

Maldawali prepares food yelling that she has to work and Rashmi stays in room. Rashmi comes and requests her not to force Manmeet into drugs again. Maldawali denies. Rashmi says she saw just now and she cannot deny it. Maldawali agrees if she cannot get right of elder bahu in this house, she will not anyone prosper here, she will make Manmeet drug addict again, she can try to stop if she can. Veer enters Manmeet’s room and forcefully stuffs drugs in his nose and gives cigarette. He says he is sparing him as he is his brother, his destiny is to be drug addict and forever, it is Rangeela’s turn next.

A woman brings her grandchild to Rangeela’s home. Boy behaves rudely. Woman says Veer killed boy’s father in wrestling ground and made this boy Ghulam, she wants Rangeela to correct his boy. Boy mimics young Rangeela. Rangeela goes into flashback where he considers Veer as his god. Boy asks if he went into flashback. Woman says she made him agreed to spend 30 min with Rangeela each day for 100 rs, Rangeela should correct this boy. Rangeela thinks Veer is pushing innocent children into ghulami, he will get them out.


Ghulaam 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela thinks he saved Shivani for humanity, but he pushed Berahampur women into hell, takes oath on Shivling that he will get back Berahampur women’s pride.

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