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Ghulaam 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela fixes electrity wire of his house and says nobody has to get afraid of Veer and his goons. Sarkar goes to Veer’s room. Veer asks why did he come at this time. Sarkar scolds him that he taught him how to hold gun and he pointed gun on him in front of everyone. He built this Berahampur and if he backs off, Veer will be punished, Veer has gone mad in power. Veer says he is angry as he tried to kill Rangeela, he will kill Rangeela and he can do whatever he can.

Rangeela’s amma eats all food and says she ate it, what will they eat. Rangeela says if she is not hungry, even they are not. Amma goes to rest. Manju says if she gets kerosene, she can prepare food for them all. Rangeela says he cannot see them hungry, says he will get kerosene from haveli. Balam says he should not go at his time. Veer says he will go.

Gulguli sees Sarkar angry and asks if he is angry on her. He says he is angry on Veer as he pointed gun on him in front of everyone and misbehaved with him, he has decided to get him out of power and make someone else as Berahampur’ heir. She asks who. He says she. She says she is happy where she is. He says it is a tight slap on his sons.

Manmeet searches Rashmi in their room and then whole haveli, finds her in kitchen and asks what is she doing here. She apologizes and says she is preparing food for Rangeela, he should go and give it to Rangeela. He says she always puts him in trouble, how will he bypass security.

Rangeela calls Veer. Veer thinks she got afraid without power and called to apologize. Rangeela says he is coming into haveli. Veer asks to bring cot as whoever comes without permission will go dead on cart. Rangeela says let us see who will get afraid. He disconnects power. Guard says Rangeela came to take revenge. Manmeet switches on mobile torch. Sarkar scolds him to switch it off, else Rangeela will shoot him. Rangeela enters on his electric skater holding night vision and playing music. Everyone get alert. Veer laughs and says it is of no use. Rangeela walks towards them and points gun at Veer. He says he can see anything via night vision gun and kill them. Gulguli holds gun. Rangeela warns not to be fool, he respects woman and does not want to slap her. Their darma and punching dialogues continues.


Ghulaam 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela walks in haveli holding night vision gun and kerosene, thinks he has to get fear out of Berahampur people. He looks shocked seeing someone.

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