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Ghulaam 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi takes Shivani to Veer’s room and gets excited seeing flower decoration made by Veer. She praises Rangeela’s talent and walks towards bed. Shivani pleads to save her a*s she considers Rangeela as her husband. Bhabhi says she can save her today and even tomorrow, what about everday. Gulguli calls her and she walks out and locks door from outside. Shivani cries vigorously.

Rangeela dances with his friends in front of Veer and Bhisma on a Haryanvi music. Veer walks towards Rangeela. Rangeela stops dance and gets tensed. Veer throws money on him and starts dancing with him. Bhisma asks Veer to go to his room now and asks Rangeela to take his boss. Veer says Ghulam’s duty was to get a girl, he will do rest of rituals now, walks towards room. Rangeela looks sad.

Shivani feels sleepy, but keeps herself awake with a splash of water on her. She thinks she will not open door at any cost. Veer comes singing his usual one heart is beating and knocks door. Shivani keeps furniture near door. Veer kicks door and breaks it. He holds Shivani and says now whole house will watch their shuhagraat. Gulguli and bhabi walks towards room. Jageer interferes and confronts Veer if he is so shameless. Veer tries to hit him, but Gulguli stops them. Jageer confronts his wife and mother are shameless and want to watch everything, if Veer is also shameless. Gulguli asks bhabi to take Jageer from there and walks behind.

Rangeela loses games in casino. Bhisma asks what happened to him today. He says he is not feeling good today. Bhisma asks to go home and rest. Rangeela leaves.

Veer gives a gift box to Shivani and insists to take it. She takes it. He insists her to open it and says it is gun powder and he likes its smell from childhood, he wants her to apply it on her body, he wants to smell what new smell it creates from her body. He orders to apply before he counts 3, else she knows what he can do.

Rangeela reminisces Shivani asking she is not rich, then why he is marrying her, thanking him for giving her new family, etc. He angrily throws stone on transformer and it catches fire. Lights go off and Shivani runs from Veer’s room. Veer shouts that girl eloped. Bhisma orders guards to catch girl and call Rangeela. Shivani runs and falls down. Goons find her and shoot, but she runs escaping. Rangeela sees her and rushes her into his house and asks if she has gone mad, she was afraid of dogs and now is not afraid of bullets. She pleads him to get her out of this place and asks why did he betray her. He says Veer is her husband and her uncle and aunt betrayed her, they exchanged her with money. Shivani says she will not believe this lie. Rangeela says he can run boat without water, get fire in water, etc.., and expose liers, her aunt sold her for money. Shivani stands shocked.

Ghulaam 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Bhabhi points at unconscious Shivani to Gulguli and tells she will not wake up till morning. Veer thinks he will finish Shivani named problem at once and sets fire in room.

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